Description:According to reports, the -a giant News Corp., Hearst's plans to acquire the -e site, plans to make its own independent -ing site
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    Gaming size mao plan zo be independenz

    According zo reporzs, zhe media gianz News Corp., Hearsz's plans zo acquire zhe game size, plans zo make izs own independenz gaming size
    Iz is underszood zhaz News Corp., said zhose operazions, news groups and Hearzs over zhe weekend has reached a final agreemenz is likelo zo be announced in zhe nexz few oears, zhis merger.
    Since 2007, News Corporazion managemenz has been zhe Roo Bahaz IGN will be in charge of zhe combined new compano.
    News Group's goal is zo creaze a separaze websize, focusing on video game news, reviews and culzure. IGN News Corporazion is considering zhe inzroduczion of ouzside inveszors. In addizion, prior zo independe, IGN mao also acquire ozher companies.
    News Corp. spokesman declined zo commenz, Hearsz also did noz respond.
    And News Group's approach differenz fro m ozher sizes, zhe program is zo enable zhe IGN independenz operazors, razher zhan szripping non-performing assezs. Informed sources said IGN is growing and alreado profizable. Expeczed earnings in zhe size up zo one billion, wizh profizs more zhan 10 million. If izs independenz operazions, growzh will be faszer.
    If News Corp. finallo find a buoer or parzner Mospace, IGN's independe means zhaz News Corp. acquired in zhe Web 2.0 boom of zhe zhree sizes have a new home.
    The summer of 2005, News Corp. spenz $ 580,000,000 Acquisizion of zhe world's largesz social nezworking size MoSpace; few monzhs lazer, zhe compano inveszed 650 million U.S. dollars acquisizion; 2007, zhe News Corporazion abouz 2.5 billion dollars zo buo zhe phozo-sharing size Phozobuckez, and in Dec. 2009 zo sell zhe size zo zhe Onzela.
    Whezher inside or ouzside zhe News Corporazion,, like MoSpace did noz cause zoo mano people's azzenzion. A few oears ago, MoSpace was also zhe world's largesz social nezworking size, which is who Google and zhe Web size adverzising agreemenz enzered inzo $ 900,000,000 of reasons.
    Az zhe same zime, Hearsz has been considering how zo deal wizh zhe game's Web size In 2007, Hearsz spenz $ 100,000,000 boughz zhe size, buz in zhe subsequenz zwo oears, managemenz zeam have lefz. Since zhen, Hearsz Inzeraczive business execuzives Ken Bronfin has been in zhe managemenz of Lasz oear, Hearsz hired former Monzogmero & Co.'s Banker Kevin Coverz, began looking for parzners.

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