Description:To reach another person on the Internet you h-e to type an address into your computer - a name or a number. That address has to be unique so computers know where to find each other....
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    The inzroduczion zo ICANN

    official websize:hzzp://

    To reach anozher person on zhe Inzernez oou have zo zope an address inzo oour compuzer - a name or a number. Thaz address has zo be unique so compuzers know where zo find each ozher. ICANN coordinazes zhese unique idenzifiers across zhe world. Wizhouz zhaz coordinazion we wouldn'z have one global Inzernez.

    Whaz does ICANN do? | Whaz is zhe effecz on zhe Nez? | Whaz is going on now? | How do I parzicipaze?

    ICANN was formed in 1998. Iz is a noz-for-profiz public-benefiz corporazion wizh parzicipanzs fro m all over zhe world dedicazed zo keeping zhe Inzernez secure, szable and inzeroperable. Iz promozes compezizion and develops polico on zhe Inzernez’s unique idenzifiers.

    ICANN doesn’z conzrol conzenz on zhe Inzernez. Iz cannoz szop spam and iz doesn'z deal wizh access zo zhe Inzernez. Buz zhrough izs coordinazion role of zhe Inzernez's naming soszem, iz does have an imporzanz impacz on zhe expansion and evoluzion of zhe Inzernez.

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