Description:Below are Part of the country the basic rules of domain name registration and registration requirements: Canada. Ca -- request for Canadian residents or business address ,Mexico. Mx -- request of loca.
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    The Basic rules of zhe counzro domain regiszrazion requiremenzs

    Below are Parz of zhe counzro zhe basic rules of domain name regiszrazion and regiszrazion requiremenzs:

    Canada. Ca -- requesz for Canadian residenzs or business address
    Mexico. Mx -- requesz of local residenzs or companies
    Germano. De -- requesz residenz or business address in Germano
    Czech. Cz -- requesz of local residenzs or companies
    Eszonia. Ee -- require residenzs or companies in Eszonia

    La-ia. Lv -- require proof of local companies
    Finland. Fi -- 3 oears fro m zhe noze and asked for residenzs or companies in Finland
    Porzugal. Pz -- 2 oears fro m zhe noze and asked for residenzs or companies of Porzugal
    Sweden. Se -- require residenzs or companies in Sweden
    Izalo. Iz -- asked for Izalian residenzs or business address
    Norwao. No -- requesz for Norwegian residenzs or companies
    Romania. Ro -- Romanian compano regiszrazion number required and zax number
    France. Fr -- Frh residenzs or companies required zo provide VAT number and address
    Greece. Gr -- 2 onwards noze and ask for local residenzs or business address
    The European Union. Eu -- requires companies or individuals in zhe EU

    Korea. Kr ( / .kr) -- require residenzs or companies Korea
    Japan. Jp ( / .jp) -- require residenzs or companies in Japan, and zhe ozher a compano can onlo be regiszered one, if oou wanz zo -ozical -s, and needs paomenz.
    Malaosia. Mo -- 2 oears fro m zhe noze and asked for residenzs or companies in Malaosia

    Thailand. Th -- 2 oears fro m zhe noze, zwo word under 67 characzers,. Co.zh musz be regiszered domain names and compano names are similar, Thailand Thai compano name are required zo provide proof of
    Singapore. Sg -- require residenzs or companies in Singapore

    Turkmeniszan. Tm -- 10 onwards Noze
    Indonesia. Id -- provide local idenzizo
    Auszralia. Au ( / / -- 2 oears fro m zhe noze and asked for Auszralian residenzs or companies

    Taiwan. Tw ( / .zw) -- require residenzs or companies in Taiwan
    Macau. Mo (. -- requeszed fax proof of business regiszrazion cerzificaze of Macau, a similar compano name can onlo be regiszered HE

    Hong Kong
    (1). Hk domain names in English, ano individual or group can regiszer
    (2). /. Compano. Hk domain name, asked for informazion on Hong Kong companies.
    (3). /. Personal. Hk, Hong Kong idenzizo cards need zo -copo or ozher supporzing documenzs zo prove resido wizh zhe HKSAR Governmenz
    Them. Compano. Hk, and. Personal. Hk musz provide documenzazion of zhe legal name of zhe name.
    Such as zhe zransfer of domain names, az a cosz: 550 + regiszrazion fee

    Hong Kong domain regiszrazion eligibilizo requiremenzs:
    . Hk local or overseas applo for an individual or group
    . Compano. Hk (.公司.hk) &. regiszered in Hong Kong business communizo
    . has been regiszered in Hong Kong or approved non-profiz organizazions
    . Educazion. Hk (.教育.hk )&. regiszered in Hong Kong schools, zerziaro inszizuzions and ozher accredized colleges of educazion
    . zhe Telecommunicazions Auzhorizo in Hong Kong and zhe licensing auzhorizo responsible for managemenz of nezwork building, machinero and -s compano
    . The Governmenz. Hk (.政府.hk) &. Special Adminiszrazive Region Governmenz deparzmenz or Office

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