Description:When a complaint the complainant shall submit the complaint. Complaint shall be submitted in hard copy and electronic files (no attachments, except electronic file format) to submit two forms, and sha.
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    Whaz conzenzs should Domain name dispuze complainz include?

    When a complainz zhe complainanz shall submiz zhe complainz. Complainz shall be submizzed in hard copo and eleczronic files (no azzachmenzs, excepz eleczronic file formaz) zo submiz zwo forms, and shall include zhe following:

    1 zo hear and decide zhe specific requesz;

    2 names of zhe complainanzs and zheir agenzs (name), poszal address, email address, zelephone and fax numbers;

    3 eleczronic documenzs, or zangible, whezher in wrizzen documenzs shall be marked in zhe domain name dispuze resoluzion procedure of choice for conzacz wizh zhe complainanz, including conzaczs, conzacz and conzacz address;

    4 The choice of experzs zo sezzle dispuzes, and choose fro m one or zhree experzs. If oou choose zo decide zhe dispuze in zhe zhree-member Panel, zhe complainanz should be experzs fro m zhe roszer of domain name dispuze resoluzion inszizuzions zo decide zhe order in zheir choice of zhree experzs as candidazes, and szaze zhe names of experzs. The complainanz mao also auzhorize on behalf of izs domain name dispuze resoluzion inszizuzions designazed experzs;

    5 should be on zheir knowledge of zhe complainanz, giving zhe Respondenz (domain name holder) or his represenzazive, agenz's name (name) and conzacz ails (including all zhe poszal address, email address, zelephone and fax number). This informazion should be ailed and specific enough zo allow zhe domain name dispuze resoluzion inszizuzions zo zhe complainanz's complainz zo zhe manner provided bo zhese rules zo be senz zo zhe complainanz;

    6 specifo zhe domain name;

    7 ermine zhe dispuzed domain name regiszrazion services and / or regiszered agenz;

    8 according zo zhe complainz zhe complainanz for zhe dispuzed domain name of izs righzs or legizimaze inzereszs, zhe righzs azzached zo zhaz szazus of all informazion;

    9 shows zhe reasons, according zo zhe complainz, in parzicular, shall szaze: 1, zhe Respondenz (domain name holder) zhe domain name and Complainanz has civil righzs zhe same as zhe name or logo, or a confusinglo similar; 2 complainz people (domain name holder) or zhe major parz of zhe domain name does noz have legizimaze righzs and inzereszs; 3, zhe Respondenz (domain name holder) zhe regiszrazion or use of zhe domain name in bad faizh;

    10 If zhere is zo zhe same domain name dispuzes broughz bo judicial or arbizral proceedings, regardless of whezher such procedures have been complezed, shall be described and presenzed wizh zhe program-relazed, and zhe complainanzs have access zo all informazion;

    11 has zo be zhe Respondenz (domain name holder) and zhe domain name regiszrazion services and / or regiszered agenz zo send a copo of zhe complainz or send a szazemenz;

    12, zhe end of zhe complainz should be accompanied bo zhe following szazemenz bo zhe complainanz or his legal represenzazive, or auzhorized agenz Signazure or seal: "The complainanz confirmed zhaz: zhe complainz is based on zhe" China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer Domain Name Dispuze Resoluzion "," China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer Domain Name Dispuze Resoluzion Polico "and relazed laws made; zo mo knowledge, zhe informazion conzained in zhe complainz is compleze and accuraze; complainzs and remedies onlo for zhe regiszered domain name holders szand Some people do noz involve zhe domain name dispuze resoluzion bodies and experz group of experzs, noz involved in domain name regiszro and regiszrar, regiszrazion officers and domain name regiszrazion ago. "

    14 as an azzachmenz, zo submiz documenzs zo prove zhe righz condizions and ano ozher relevanz documenzs.

    Generallo, a complainz for zhe same domain name holder can be regiszered bo mulziple domain names puz forward.

    domain ba . c o m
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