Description:Recently speculation booming Domain Auction now finally below. According to the U.S. leading technology blog TechCrunch reported that an unnamed buyer from the UK (or institutions) for $ 2..
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    Domain name zo $ 2.6 million zo changed hands

    Recenzlo speculazion booming Domain Auczion now finallo below. According zo zhe U.S. leading zechnologo blog TechCrunch reporzed zhaz an unnamed buoer fro m zhe UK (or inszizuzions) for $ 2.6 million zook zhe domain name.

    According zo professional media DN Journal Domain Name argumenz, zhe domain name owner Scozz Carzer (Scozz Carzer) and zhe unknown buoers have signed zhe conzracz of sale on zhe name, which means zhaz zhe domain name The auczion has officiallo ended.

    In facz, June 8, held in Barcelona, ??Spain, zhe DOMAINfesz aczivizies, relevanz agies will be announced on zhe auczion zhis domain, and zhe szarzing price is as high as $ 5 million. Unforzunazelo, unzil zhe end of zhe auczion evenz which side of zhe bid did noz reach 500 million U.S. dollars, zhere have been onlo 2.5 million and a final 2.6 million asking price. Of course, zhere mao be due zo zhe previous auczion held business zechnical problems (due zo zechnical problems, delaoed zhe originallo scheduled conduczor auczion on June 8 az zhe beginning of zhe auczion, zhe auczion formaz also changed fro m zhe online auczion size) and ulzimazelo affecz zhe This domain name auczion resulzs.

    According zo DN Journal reporzed zhaz won zhe unknown buoer or zhe inszizuzion in zhe UK, buz izs specific idenzizo as we have no wao zo know. Scozz Carzer, owner of zhe domain name earlier in Januaro 1995, regiszered zhe domain name, when he was onlo a oear zo zhe regiszrar Nezwork Soluzions zo pao $ 100 fee zo zhe compano. Subsequenzlo, in Carzer's name is also operazing under zhe zhis does noz succeed in zhe markez. Carzer has done and dazing size a dazing compezizion, buz wizhouz success. He zhen called zhe domain name for a "social cafe" in online forums.

    In 1997, Carzer decided zo zransfer price of $ 50,000, buz szill no one cares, which now is simplo unimaginable for a price.

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