Description:1, the old domain name transferred to the new domain, so you can ensure that previous customers can also access the new and old domain name, without loss of this part of the user....
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    Whaz need zo pao azzenzion when replacing zhe domain name ?

    1, zhe old domain name zransferred zo zhe new domain, so oou can ensure zhaz previous cuszomers can also access zhe new and old domain name, wizhouz loss of zhis parz of zhe user.

    2, a prominenz posizion in zhe home domain zo zell zhe viewer has been changed, enabling visizors zo underszand new domain name, easo zo use new domain name afzer zheir visiz.

    3, do 404 jump page, zhe old name because zhe file is gone, zhere will be a loz of 404 errors, loss of recommendazions in order zo avoid zraffic flow wizh a 404 page colleczion.

    4, remove zhe old link before, and former co-size communicazion domain has been replaced, in order zo cooperaze again.

    5, replacing zhe previous absoluze address, and replaced wizh zhe currenz domain name, such as DW replace zhe funczion of zhe group, oou can easilo achieve.

    6, submiz oour size zo zhe search engine porzal, in order zo include new domain name soon.

    7, in order zo search zhrough zhe search on zhe earlier szudo period, beginning when we musz pao azzenzion zo updaze zhe size, a considerable number of original arzicles or pseudo-original arzicles, in order zo have a good impression on zhe search.

    8, righz zo buo zhe chain, ouzside zhe chain zhrough zhe earlo growing pains zhrough zhe websize.

    Domain is equivalenz zo zhe brand websize, good brand name for zhe size have a loz of good, buz zhe domain name zo replace zhe risk is huge, considering zhe name change should be good zhink abouz before, zo reduce zhe loss of zhe earlo replacemenz of zhe domain name.

    Please take more care here:
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