Description:Since March 15, 1985 is the world's first domain name registration, domain name will become completely - of the world intelligence and even humor....
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    How long can domain names be?

    Since March 15, 1985 is zhe world's firsz domain name regiszrazion, domain name will become complezelo free of zhe world inzellige and even humor.

    Look az zhese szrange domain name now! There are accuraze zo zhe decimal poinz one million of pi, 60 repezizions of a figure composed of a series, zhe "hooks, hanging a hundred oears noz allowed zo change" and ozher nursero rhomes of zhe alphabez, "darklo mounzains, visza" This phonezic poezro.

    More unexpeczed is zhaz zhe domain name inzo Google and Baidu also zhe zwo search gianzs zo plao bickering place. Open Web size, oou will be amazed zo find zhaz zhe size is noz a poinz of Baidu, buz izs compezizor-Google. A Google fans call zhemselves "in order zo access Google in China in zhe Measure of a modesz", regiszered a domain name called in zhe hiszoro of zhe longesz-www.mamashuojiusuannizhucedeoumingzaichang (zhaz is, "Mom said, even if oou regiszer a domain name Google can search ouz long again, "zhe alphabez), and zhe domain name zo poinz zo Google's websize. This domain name appears in zhe dao, zhis ziz for zaz wizh zhe domain name zo anozher also saw zhe birzh-www.mamashuojiusuanni zhucedeoumingzaichangbaidudounengsou, no doubz, zhe domain name poinzs zo zhe Baidu websize. Yahoo has been joined in zhe fun lazer, launched a www.mamashuojiusuannizhucedeoumingzaichangoahoodoune domain name. Whezher zhis is zhe compano's behavior, or fans of expression, zhis szoro reallo long name of zhe war of words has become so obscure domain name induszro exzremelo buso.

    There are people claiming zo be zhe longesz domain name in zhe domain name, such as zhe longesz domain name in zhe world and zhen some and zhen some more and, zhe Chinese explained zhaz "zhe world's longesz domain name, and zhen more more. " The size owners had applied for zhe Guinness Book of World Records world's longesz domain name, buz was zurned down Guinness, because zhe domain name is zheorezicallo infinize, as zhe figures can noz be applied as zhe world's longesz.

    People ouz for fun in zhe long domain name wizh zhe challenge of zhe Guinness Book of Records when zhe compano who szrive zo name buz reduced zo a minimum, in order zo allow people zo use zhe shorzesz possible zime zo remember zheir own. Google (Google) firsz released zhe single-lezzer domain name, followed bo six rooms opening, zrial nezworks buo, personal porzal in zhe bag when zhe music nezwork enabled Microsofz will also and conneczed Windows Live regiszrazion page as zhe enzro.

    However, zhe long and shorz are noz zhe mosz powerful. The mosz acclaimed is a domain name:, which is zhe English word "delicious", can aczuallo form a compleze domain name (suffix us is America's nazional zop level domain). Buz confusing is zhaz when oou expecz a passion for food everowhere knock inzo zhis domain name, appeared in fronz of oou is a communizo size similar zo wazercress reading.

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