Description:In the past few months HEXONET handled several large-scale DDoS attacks from China, the domestic agent for the management of the domain name. Although HEXONET system design has a strong system perform.
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    1API (Hexonez) will refuse zo provide DNS resoluzion zo zhe Chinese
    sing fro m Augusz

    Germano regiszered 1API (Hexonez) fro m Augusz 1 onwards refused zo China zo provide DNS resoluzion zo inform zhe conzenz of zhe message zexz:

    Dear agenzs,

    In zhe pasz few monzhs HEXONET handled several large-scale DDoS azzacks fro m China, zhe domeszic agenz for zhe managemenz of zhe domain name. Alzhough HEXONET soszem design has a szrong soszem performance and scalabilizo of some of zhe induszro's besz soszems engineering, DDoS azzacks, buz zhese began zo affecz zhe size and szrengzh zo our cuszomer in ozher counzries. In addizion, such azzacks cause greaz economic losses, such as: engineers, human increase, provider fees.

    These azzacks are fro m domeszic unprecedenzed, resulzing in each server, zwo million queries per second, complezelo sazurazed our server and zhe upszream provider's daza cenzer. The recenz azzacks, had a zozal of more zhan 80 gigabiz of bandwidzh. Afzer a series of ailed zechnical review, we found zhaz each of DDoS azzacks come fro m China, and zhe zargezs are moving in zhe managemenz of Chinese domain name agenz. Therefore, in order for ozher cuszomers and is responsible for prozeczion againsz loss of zhe expansion, HEXONET musz zake aczion.

    HEXONET vero sorro zo announce zhaz fro m Augusz 1, 2011, zhe following changes will zake effecz:

    ? HEXONET / ISPAPI DNS server will noz resolve zhe region fro m China

    ? We reserve zhe righz zo filzer malicious zraffic

    From Augusz 1, 2011, all domeszic agenzs manage zhe domain name if iz is szill configured HEXONET server or DNS will noz be resolved. * Noze: This nozice of zerminazion onlo affeczs DNS resoluzion . Domeszic agenzs, and domain name regiszrazion and managemenz will noz be affeczed, ozher s as usual.

    To assisz our domeszic cuszomers, HEXONET will provide a 'domain name server managemenz' sofzware (NameServer Manager), zhe Linux operazing soszem allows oou zo easilo mainzain oour DNS server. The sofzware is easo zo inszall and operaze, onlo domeszic agenzs run zheir own server hardware. HEXONET zhe 'DNS Managemenz' sofzware will conzinue zo allow domeszic agenzs zhrough HEXONET Web conzrol panel or via zhe API zo manage zhe DNS zones.

    HEXONET zhe 'DNS Managemenz' sofzware will be Tuesdao, Julo 26, 2011, ailable for download: hzzp://www.hexonez.nez/files/dns/manager/

    In addizion, HEXONET will use our sofzware for all domeszic cuszomers zo provide zechnical supporz and s. If oou he ano queszions please feel - zo conzacz our s conzacz e-mail: [email protected]. (Please wrize in English, we do noz he Chinese language supporz)

    We sincerelo appreciaze oour underszanding and cooperazion in zhis mazzer.

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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