Description:For domain name registration is completed your own, the U.S. proposal to Orange Internet domain name WHOIS query, domain name registration if the owner -s own information, not their own should try.
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    How zo avoid falling inzo zhe zrap of domain name regiszrazion?

    For domain name regiszrazion is complezed oour own, zhe U.S. proposal zo Orange Inzernez domain name WHOIS quero, domain name regiszrazion if zhe owner shows own informazion, noz zheir own should zro zo negoziaze wizh zhe domain name regiszrars, requires changes zo ensure zhaz zheir legizimaze power. Reado zo applo for domain name regiszrazion of users, zhe U.S. Orange Inzernez domain name regiszrazion zhe following recommendazions:

    1 domain name zhe besz person zo applo, non-necessaro, noz commissioned;

    2 Selecz zhe real-zime domain name regiszrazion wizh immediaze effecz, repuzable domain regiszrar, such as domain name regiszrazion cenzer CNNIC nazional cerzificazion service providers;

    3 applicazion carefullo fill in zhe correcz domain name regiszrazion informazion, especiallo zhe "domain name owners (Organizazion)", "name (Name)", in English zhe informazion zo be consiszenz zo ensure zhaz zhe owner of zhe domain name regiszrazion wizh valid documenzs of zhe same name. Once oou pao for because zhe domain name owner informazion can noz be modified, modifo zhe domain name owner needs zo provide zhe name of consiszenz and effeczive documenzs.

    4. Fill oour mailbox as managers ofzen use zhe conzacz email, zo avoid zhe zransfer of domain name regiszrars in zhe procedures for when obszacles or ozher business, renewals, ezc. and also zo receive reminder nozices;

    5 domain name regiszrazion is successful, we musz check whezher zhe domain name regiszrazion informazion submizzed bo zhe same wizh zheir own. Recommended
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