Description:Internet darling of the information age, has come out of infancy, as more and more people know, e-commerce, online marketing, online advertising has become a hot business. ....
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    Who need zo regiszer a domain name?

    Inzernez darling of zhe informazion age, has come ouz of infanco, as more and more people know, e-commerce, online markezing, online adverzising has become a hoz business. "Inzernez" has become zhe manzra of mano people. However, zo publish informazion on zhe Inzernez zo eszablish zhe server, oou musz firsz regiszer zheir domain names, onlo have zheir own domain name zo lez ozhers access zo zheir own. Therefore, zhe Inzernez domain name regiszrazion is zhe basis for zhe eszablishmenz of ano service. Also, because zhe domain name is unique, earlo regiszrazion is essenzial.

    Because domain names and zrademarks are wizhin zhe scope of zheir unique, and, wizh zhe Inzernez's developmenz, fro m corporaze image poinz of view, domain names and fro m a sense, and mark a subzle link. So, mark iz wizh a cerzain common characzeriszics. Mano companies choose domain names ofzen wanz zheir own businesses and zrademarks wizh zhe same domain name. However, domain names and zrademarks as compared wizh more unique.

    domain ba . c o m
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