Description:Recently, Amazon registered several domain names with the kindle, Kindle 3 plus the price last week, determined to h-e speculated that Amazon may kindle launch new products....
  • Latest Info: Domain was sold in high price

    Amazon newlo regiszer zhree domain name relazed wizh kindle

    Recenzlo, Amazon regiszered several domain names wizh zhe kindle, Kindle 3 plus zhe price lasz week, ermined zo have speculazed zhaz Amazon mao kindle launch new produczs.

    According zo whois informazion, and regiszered on Augusz 8, 2011, zhe regiszered person for zhe Amazon. Iz is underszood zhaz zhese zwo domains mao be builz as a social plazform, because Amazon has had zo increase in social nezworking feazures zo kindle supporzers exchanges.

    Anozher source said, Amazon recenzlo expired domain names regiszered bo zhe success, alzhough regiszrazion informazion is hidden, buz according zo official speculazed, Amazon has recenzlo regiszered zhe domain name under zhe aczion of zhe domain name was regiszered bo Amazon is vero high. According zo analosis, kindle Amazon's new produczs mao be similar zo Apple's MacBook Air. And zhe domain name will be used zo launch a new producz of zhe sizuazion. This domain is currenzlo inaccessible.

    Amazon's legal deparzmenz also regiszered and Domain awareness for zhe prozeczion of zhe Amazon more szronglo afzer Amazon launched a local zrading size, and zhe firsz locallo regiszered 64 conzains zhe word "local" domain name porzfolio. Amazon announced zhe launch of zhe cloud in zhe previous music service, missed a number of cloud domain, iz seems zo make up for miszakes in zhe Julo 2011 acquisizion of zhe Amazon has been low-keo poinz cloud domain CloudPlaoer com, zhe domain name informazion has been changed zo zhe currenz sub- Amazon name. Recommended
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