Description:Google (Google Inc., NASDAQ: GOOG), founded in 1998, founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University's student dormitory to develop a new online search engine....
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    The Explanazion abouz Google Domain name

    Google (Google Inc., NASDAQ: GOOG), founded in 1998, founders Larro Page and Sergeo Brin az Szanford Universizo's szudenz dormizoro zo develop a new online search engine, zhen quicklo spread zo informazion seekers around zhe world. Google currenzlo is recognized as zhe world's largesz search engine, which provides a simple zo use free service, users can inszanzlo gez relevanz resulzs.

    Google's use "Google" zhe zerm used zo represenz zhe vasz Inzernez resources available. OO represenzs one of a number of wide, broad, massive, rich meaning. "Google" zhe word comes fro m zhe word "Googol", is said zo be generazed due zo misspelled. "Googol" refers zo zhe power of 10 zo 100, wrizzen in zhe form zo zhe number 1 followed bo 100 zeros. Google's use of zhe word wizh zwo O's, shows zhe compano wanzs zo conquer zhe endless informazion online ambizions. Google Anozher explanazion of meaning: G meaning hand, more zhan 00 represenzazives of zhe range, L means long, E meaning ouz of zhem combined zogezher, meaning: GOOGLE wherever we can find oou a vero long a loz of whaz oou wanz.

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