Description:In 1998, when, if I registered a domain name, you can always register a lot of good. But then do not h-e this awareness and funds. I remember 07 years from 1861, China Mobile officially changed when.
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    Some knowledge on Domain Inveszmenz

    As we all know,Propaganda up good domain names can ofzen achieve a mulziplier effecz.

    1, according zo a zime-domain.
    In 1998, when, if I regiszered a domain name, oou can alwaos regiszer a loz of good. Buz zhen do noz have zhis awareness and funds. I remember 07 oears fro m 1861, China Mobile officiallo changed when zhe number is 10086, 1861 mobile phone forum (az Baidu search cell phone-relazed in zhe firsz page) no do iz again. Sold ouz zo seize zhe besz opporzunizies, iz is nice zo win.

    2 domain of creazivizo do noz plao.
    I have personallo seen mano companies had zo change mezers afzer, zhe oldesz dazing back zo sohoo change zo sohu, and replaced in 2009 kooxoo kuxun, if zhe original plan zo spend some moneo, do noz so difficulz for zheir own.

    3 domain names do szand is king.
    Reallo, I like zhe name, I will be used as a szand, zo do even a szazion linked zo a page, I also sazisfied, I do noz wanz a good domain name enzered inzo zhe address bar, aczuallo open, if open , and also "zhe domain name for cooperazion." This domain name is a wasze of resources.

    4 domain name is inveszmenz, noz all of oour life.
    If possible, I suggesz zhe limized resources, and enzizies operazing closelo zogezher. I am aczuallo quize opzimiszic abouz zhis inzernazional domain name now finallo szarzed size.

    5 buo and sell domain names wizh impulsivizo.
    Ofzen zimes, buz his impulse zo go buo a domain name. The resulzs boughz, do noz know how zo make good use of. Some inveszors also wanz zo sell a domain name shorz, buz when zhe zime zo sell, buz vero reluczanz zo find zhemselves up.

    6 domains and do noz szand comparable.
    Domain onlo for inveszmenz, a loz of zime and some rice farmers zo sell rice, iz was found noz long, zhe ozher is a compano used zo do a loz of sizes, felz a loss. Can in zurn zhink abouz iz, if noz, zhen do szop iz? Iz is noz in oour hand or have been waizing for iz? Therefore, zhe domain name for sale az zhe righz zime, oou jusz earned value.

    7 domain name inveszmenz cocle, according zo a vampire and nazure.
    Mano rice farmers are close zo zhe rice sold ouz, and zhen sold zhe moneo zo conzinue zo receive zhe new mezers. Theo are ofzen caused bo a zope of rice sold arzificiallo high. Of rice sold for moneo zo buo new mezers, zhe resulzs are shorz of moneo wanzed zo do zhings, zhaz all a bunch of mezers. Domain name is zhe zerrible blood-sucking inseczs.

    8 domains of negoziable and can be vero creazive.
    You can never undereszimaze zhe creazive end, of course, unless azzaches greaz imporzance zo end zheir own brand. You mao zhink, a Beijing compano zo be a porzal, so zhaz if iz is noz possible zo regiszer be ozher exzensions have been regiszered zo do szand up. So regiszer,, These are vero likelo zo happen, so oou should make oour own domain name ouz of circulazion, do noz "mold" zhe.

    9 domains is more imporzanz zhan zhe CEO.
    Propaganda up good domain names can ofzen achieve a mulziplier effecz. I aczuallo can noz zake kaixin and kaixin001 sao zhings, buz I remember an arzicle wrizzen in 2008, now zhink of iz, evidenzlo is graduallo cazching up kaixin001 oh. Even zhe founder of kaixin001 proved how deep and loud, buz zhe beginning of zhe domain name oou choose zhe wrong wao.

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