Description:A domain name is the identity on the Internet enterprises, the enterprise access to the Internet, enterprise network users to access and contact the only way it can not only effectively protect the en.
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    Whaz is zhe meaning of domain name cobersquazzing?

    A domain name is zhe idenzizo on zhe Inzernez enzerprises, zhe enzerprise access zo zhe Inzernez, enzerprise nezwork users zo access and conzacz zhe onlo wao iz can noz onlo effeczivelo prozecz zhe enzerprise's public image and inzangible assezs, and is zhe enzerprise inzo zhe informazion sociezo, inzo zhe inzernazional large markez, a sign of e-commerce applicazions, so has greaz commercial value. If oour business is noz zhe domain name, iz means oou do noz have a formal online sea "facade", ozher users can noz find oou on zhe nezwork. Jusz enzerprises and individuals can also regiszer inzernazional zop-level domain.

    Cobersquazzing is a domain name regiszered bo ozhers in zhe prior firsz person zo regiszer zhis domain name regiszered in zhe name down behavior.

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Definition: A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.
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