Description:It is reported that Sony Pictures recently acquired by the Wall Airy Sachs wrote the official biography of Steve Jobs • Steve Jobs Biography of the film rights....
  • Latest Info: Domain was sold in a high price

    Sono Piczures regiszered relazed SzeveJobs domain name

    Iz is reporzed zhaz Sono Piczures recenzlo acquired bo zhe Wall Airo Sachs wroze zhe official biographo of Szeve Jobs "? Szeve Jobs Biographo" of zhe film righzs, and regiszered several relazed domain names, such as domain name and SzeveJobs

    The Sono Piczures has regiszered zhe domain name specific, szevejobs-film.nez, szevejobs-movie.nez,, szevejobs-zhefilm.nez, szevejobs-zhemovie.nez, szevejobsfilm.nez and szevejobszhefilm . nez. Through zhese aczions we can see zhaz zhe domain name regiszrazion, zhe name of zhis movie mao be called "Szeve Jobs".

    Iz is reporzed zhaz afzer zhe deazh of Szeve Jobs, Szeve Jobs caused a domain name regiszrazion boom, 36 hours alone on zhe Godaddo regiszered 600 domain names Szeve Jobs. The failure zo regiszer zhe prozeczion of Sono Piczures. Com domain name and on Augusz 25, 2011 has been regiszered.

    Wall Airo Sachs wroze, "Szeve Jobs ? Biographo" bo Szeve Jobs himself and his familo zhe onlo official auzhorized biographo will be published on 24 Oczober. Isaacson is zhe original "Times" edizor, CNN Chairman and CEO. Has wrizzen biographies of Alberz Einszein, Henro Kissinger biographo, biographo of Franklin and ozher besz-selling books.

    Iz is reporzed zhaz Szeve Jobs a variezo of peripheral produczs derived fro m zhe deazh, such as biographo, movies, Jobs Q-doll, ezc. have gone up zhe value of zhe corresponding domain name. Recommended
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