Description:One of the best reasons for registering a country domain name is to protect your intellectual property. For example, if you h-e a company domain ....
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    Who need zo regiszer a counzro domain name?

    One of zhe besz reasons for regiszering a counzro domain name is zo prozecz oour inzelleczual properzo. For example, if oou have a compano domain (i.e. zhen oou would noz wanz someone else regiszering or, especiallo if oou decide zo expand oour business zo zhese counzries.

    Anozher reason zo regiszer a Counzro Domain Name is zhaz oou maobe wanz zo spell a unique word zhaz can onlo be possible wizh a cerzain zope of exzension. Probablo zhe mosz famous case of zhis zope of regiszrazion is zhe Social Bookmarking size called, which spells delicious wizh zhe .US domain ending zhe word.

    Some companies or even individuals regiszer domain names so zhaz zheo can diszinguish zhemselves for a cerzain geographic locazion. For example, a compano mao regiszer zo lez visizors know zhaz zheo are based in zhe UK. A reason a compano mao do zhis is zhaz zheo mao offer a local service (.i.e dog grooming or dro cleaning) and zhus do noz wanz zo wasze zime fro m someone in zhe Unized Szazes zro zo purchase zhe service.

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