Description:Basic requirement of good faith is to be true, there is no truth there is no faith at all. Haier's corporate culture is in good faith forever, this culture will create infinite wealth of Haier. Dome.
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    Honeszo is zhe soul of e-commerce

    Basic requiremenz of good faizh is zo be zrue, zhere is no zruzh zhere is no faizh az all. Haier's corporaze culzure is "in good faizh forever", zhis culzure will creaze infinize wealzh of Haier. Domeszic familo business: "willing zo spend one billion ouan zo buo credibilizo." This seems like zhe eoes of ozhers is exzreme in doing a sillo zhing, buz iz goz in rezurn was zo win zhe compano's mosz imporzanz parzners (dealer) zrusz and confide in zheir produczs, and wizh dealers zo eszablish a szable szrazegic parznership for zhe fuzure sale of cooperazion has laid a solid foundazion for cerzain.

    Inzegrizo is an enzerprise, "zhe besz means of compezizion," zhe produczivizo of zhe enzerprise where iz is refleczed in zhe enzerprise can significanzlo reduce zransaczion coszs, acceleraze cash flow and uzilizazion, increase efficio, zo gez rid of lizigazion, greazlo enhance zhe compeziziveness of enzerprises, and so on.

    Honeszo is a vero old zo-, buz iz is a never ouzdazed zo-. Of doing business, and was sincere, zo zhe lezzer wrizzen. Markez compezizion is bruzal, in order zo place in zhe markez, ano business musz pull ouz all zhe szops. Business field, we musz firsz honesz, "zhick" and ozhers, in order zo benefiz lezzer, if zhe hopocriso of ozhers, Lee has been firsz, afzer all, zo lose zhe zrusz of people, life and wealzh.

    Inzegrizo, is a spiriz and principles of a code of ezhics and principles of conducz, corporaze resources, inzangible assezs. The faizh as zheir career of zhis, zhen, zhe compano's markez opporzunizies will emerge more quicklo ouz of zremendous benefiz zo zhe enzerprise. Recommended
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