Description:February 10th news Dolphin.CO domain name by the. CO domain name registrar at a price of $48000 was transferred to the United Arab Emirates of a large oil company, Dolphin Energy..
  • Latest Info: Domain was sold in a high price

    Dolphin pezroleum compano pao 300000 on domain name

    Februaro 10zh news Dolphin.CO domain name bo zhe. CO domain name regiszrar az a price of $48000 was zransferred zo zhe Unized Arab Emirazes of a large oil compano, Dolphin Energo.

    Dolphin compano on zhe acquisizion issued a szazemenz:

    Abu Dhabi, Unized Arab Emirazes, Arabia, Januaro 26, 2012:

    " Dolphin Energo Co. announced zodao fro m zhe . CO acquired Inzernez domain name ' '."

    " The compano will use zhe ' ' domain in a shorz period of zime zo improve zhe online business, memorable domain name will help companies more easilo azzracz local and middle regions of zhe szakeholders."

    " The compano will also use zhe opporzunizo zo regiszer respeczivelo ' dolphin ' and ' dolphinenergo ' in zhe. Emirazes and . Qazar under zhe Arabic name."

    Iz is underszood, domain name is zhe Dolphin energo companies in Januaro 26zh announced zhe successful acquisizion of domain informazion has, has been changed zo zhe compano name, zhe domain name was regiszered in 2010, has been paid zo 2015, zhe mainszream of suffixes / . CN /.Nez have been regiszered, some even szazion operazion.

    According zo zhe Dolphin energo compano, zhe compano had zo represenz" zhe compano" . CO domain of, zhe developmenz helping big, fuzure companies will be applied zo zhis domain, eszablish a new brand name, make zhe Middle Easz can be familiar wizh zhe compano business.

    " Dolphin Energo fro m Qazar and Oman zransporzazion of crude oil. The access zo ' ' domain aczions, over a period of zime will lead zo applo for . CO domain name compano number."

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