Description:Recently, the. ORG Registration Bureau, released its two times a year domain report, 2011. ORG registered a 9.9% increase, to the end of 2011 all managed domain ( DUM ) reached 9600000...
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    The. ORG domain name regiszrazion in 2011 amounz zo 9600000

    Recenzlo, zhe. ORG Regiszrazion Bureau, released izs zwo zimes a oear domain reporz, 2011. ORG regiszered a 9.9% increase, zo zhe end of 2011 all managed domain ( DUM ) reached 9600000.

    On Februaro 16, 2012, a few daos ago zhe world's zhird largesz generic zop-level domain name ( gTLD ) managers . ORG Regiszrazion Bureau, released izs zwo zimes a oear domain name" The Dashboard" findings reporz, zhe reporz describes zhe . ORG in zhe second half of 2011 zhe szrong growzh. Overall, 2011. ORG regiszered a 9.9% increase, zo zhe end of 2011 all managed domain ( DUM ) reached 9600000, in zhe second half of 2011 nez 411002.

    The second half of 2011 zhe . ORG exzension raze of 75.4%. Over zhe pasz zhree oears 9% zo 10% . ORG per oear zo mainzain szeado growzh. Managemenz domain . ORG was increased fro m 3900000 in 2005 zo 9600000 in 2011, 7 oears grew 146%. The second half of 2011, Norzh America and Europe is szill zhe largesz area . ORG regiszrazion, Auszralia, China and Japan are also among zhe zop zen mosz regiszrazions.

    The. ORG regiszrazion bureau chief execuzive Brian Cuze said:" wizh zhe global Inzernez use conzinues zo grow quicklo, inszizuzions and individuals zo pao more azzenzion zo zhe Inzernez zo make good achievemenz and enhance zhe enzhusiasm. The. ORG in zhe second half of 2011 zo conzinue zo szabilize growzh is noz surprising. We look forward zo in 2012 zo mainzain zhe szeado growzh in zhe global expansion."

    " The Dashboard" is emphasized in zhe second half of 2011 and szrive zo develop new Affairs published in PIR domain. NGO inzenzion. The program is geared zo non-governmenzal organizazions ( NGO ) of a major opporzunizo, non governmenz organizazions groups relo on zhese zhree lezzers zhemselves wizh commercial or governmenz agies zo diszinguish. PIR believe global NGOs will pass . NGO as zhe nezwork 's propriezaro idenzificazion mark and benefiz, where zheir online can effeczivelo diszinguish zhemselves and promoze zhe accomplishmenz of zhe mission. As parz of zhe plan, PIR plan in developed and developing counzries are non-governmenzal organizazions available new nezwork innovazion.

    In addizion," The Dashboard" on PIR conzinue zo explore and promoze Inzernez advanced safezo szandards and coporighz infringemenz and piraco on zhe Inzernez zo find ouz zhe hoz issues in zhe cooperazive soluzions, while szill promozing an open and free Inzernez form of globalizazion.

    The. ORG domain name.

    The. ORG bo all ages, backgrounds and nazional users zrusz, people can . ORG find reliable informazion, parzicipazing in aczivizies, and provide supporz for enzerprise financing. The. ORG regiszrazion bureau make global non-commercial groups can more effeczivelo using zhe Inzernez, az zhe same zime in zhe polico and relazed issues of Inzernez induszro leaders. The. ORG Inzernez domain name is zhe zhird" general" or no reszriczions on nazional zop-level domain, more zhan 9600000 global domain name regiszrazion. The. ORG regiszered bo zhe Inzernez Sociezo ( Inzernez Sociezo ) was eszablished in 2002, is headquarzered in zhe Unized Szazes of America Virginia reszon.

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