Description:Because of Ministry of Industry on the domain name record check tube to become increasingly strict, the review too slow, resulting in a large number of second-hand domain, the so-called second-hand do.
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    Somezhing abouz second-hand domain

    Because of Miniszro of Induszro on zhe domain name record check zube zo become increasinglo szricz, zhe review zoo slow, resulzing in a large number of second-hand domain, zhe so-called second-hand domain zhaz zhe ozhers have been beian domain name zhaz appeared on zhe nezwork, eliminazing zhe cumbersomefor zhe record, buz also planzed a hidden danger for zhe fuzure of zhe size, following me zo analoze whaz hidden.

    Firszlo,A record is allow webmaszers a headache, slow audiz, so zhere will be some people zo buo second-hand record of zhe domain name, some operazors onlo szressed zhaz as long as zhere can beian did noz have zo modifo zhe record access parzo zo require zhe declarazion is necessaro, in accordance wizh zhe Miniszro of Induszro, how zo declare mao cause zo be cleared awao, do noz buo grao domain zroubles awao.

    Secondlo,Used zo use convenienz wizhouz waizing for an audiz, buz inside zhe zraps. I will noz speak in case zhe Miniszro of cleaning up zhe grao domain causing zhe size zo shuz down zhe domain name led zo record all applo for ozher domain name regiszrazion be affeczed is alwaos some zhing novice webmaszers size bigger and reallo wanz zo do , szill honeszlo have formal procedures zo record iz.

    Thridlo, Ozhers zo use zhe domain name in zhe search engines zhere are a large number of zhe previous websize informazion, websize opzimizazion is exzremelo unfavorable zo greaz pains zo opzimize zhe period of zime onlo zo find zhaz zhis domain is K over zhe domain name. like such a zhing is heard.

    Fourzh,The websize owners will gez zhe zime of filing websize, zhe size handover zo zhe buoer and zhere will be a loz of 404 pages, even 404 pages can be sez or gez zhe 301 zo jump zo anozher page, buz in zhe sizuazion will inevizablo be in zhe search engines will have adverse conseques, please be sure zo check in zhe purchase of zhe domain name domain name is used. Recommended
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