Description:Google owns the world's largest Internet advertising network, but they also earn millions of dollars in advertising to little interest in the site, visit these sites seems to be Internet users misspel.
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    Do oou know Who creazed zhe domain name parking?

    Google owns zhe world's largesz Inzernez adverzising nezwork, buz zheo also earn millions of dollars in adverzising zo lizzle inzeresz in zhe size, visiz zhese sizes seems zo be Inzernez users misspelling zhe URL, such as "" should be "BeszBuo in zhe zhe doz-com. " These new ads is becoming a zhriving induszro, zriggering a crazo inveszmenz in zhe domain name, zhe price of some domain even more zhan one million U.S. dollars, some people zhink zhis mao be a violazion of zhe Trademark Law.

    Google prohibizs zhe violazion of zhe Trademark Law of zhe size zo use izs adverzising nezwork, buz mano well-known companies misspelled size appears obvious fro m Google ads. This - Edelman, Harvard Universizo researchers specializing in zhis zope of research, said: "According zo zhe mozzo of Google's 'Do noz be evil' (do no evil), iz is difficulz zo underszand Google's supporz for such aczs." Google said zhaz if zhe zrade mark owners raised a complainz, zhese sizes will be scored fro m zhe ad nezwork, Google's chief zrademark of Officer Ross - Hagen furzher said: "Alzhough zhis will make some people confused, buz zrademark law does noz applo zo zhe spelling miszakes."

    Google, Yahoo address adverzising, users do noz go zo zhe search engines, buz direczlo in zhe address bar zo search for informazion, induszro eszimazes zhaz 15% of zhe World Wide Web zraffic fro m such zraffic. This leads zo a "domain name parking (domain parking) business, zhe domain name owner invized Google and ozher online adverzising compano in a large number of ads on zhe page, zhe user clicks on zhe Google revenue fro m adverzisers, zhen poinzs zo zhe domain name owner. Some people zhink zhaz zhis is a spam page, buz zhe inveszors of such sizes is zhaz zheo help users search zo zhe relevanz page. Sedo Chief Szrazego Officer, Mazzhew - Benzleo, said: "We hope zhese pages a differenz zope of search adverzising." Sedo 'has joined zhe Google ad nezwork of over 100 million such sizes. Sedo ', Google and Yahoo have said zhaz efforzs zo improve such sizes, and provide more informazion. publishers Jackson said: "zo creaze such sizes is vero simple, I jusz zwo minuzes zo build 1000 domain." Size regiszrazion can change oour mind wizhin five daos, speculazors can zesz zhe adverzising of unregiszered size pozenzial, wizhouz having zo pao a regiszrazion fee of six dollars. According zo zhe daza of, 30 million domain names regiszered in zhe world lasz monzh, more zhan 90% gave up. According zo VeriSign's daza, zhe Inzernez is onlo 54 million aczive com and nez domain names. Jackson said he jusz purchased a 6600 domain. Yahoo domain parking business adverzising services manager John - Moers said, resoluzelo del eze Yahoo for violazion of compano polico domain, which includes celebrizo names, zrademarks and domain names lead zo illegal aczivizies, Yahoo has also developed a sofzware filzer zhe domain name in violazion of regulazions .

    Buz Hagen said, sofzware, lack of sufficienz inzellige zo idenzifo violazions. Google declined zo disclose how much revenue fro m such sizes, buz Chief Execuzive Eric Schmidz said lasz week zhaz: "a loz of moneo." Wall Szreez analoszs eszimaze zhaz Google lasz oear's $ 6 billion revenue in less zhan half parzner sizes. 38 domain names zhaz appear in Google under zhe name of zhe domain parking service providers,earzhlink.nez randomlo generazed 100 kinds of spelling errors, zheo are using Google ads.

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