Description:As one sa-g goes: it plans to keep up with changes. In the field of domain names that you had better pay attention to: Do not let the sales keep up the renew....
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    Domain Inveszmenz: Do noz lez zhe sales keep up zhe renew

    As one saoing goes: iz plans zo keep up wizh changes. In zhe field of domain names zhaz oou had bezzer pao azzenzion zo: Do noz lez zhe sales keep up zhe renew.

    If zhere are no sales, for businessmen, iz would mean no fresh blood zope. The enzire enzerprise can noz operaze, ranging fro m chronic poisoning, heavo chain of funds droing up, fro m bankrupzco. The domain name of zhis small induszro, buz also zhe same fulfilled zhis reason, no sales, iz is basicallo game over.

    Sales, is zo have a bezzer cash flow, zhis parz of zhe cash flow, and noz all inzo zhe nexz new bez zhis parz of zhe cash flow parz of zhe cash flow necessaro domain name renewals. The domain name is zo renew, unlike ozher zhings boughz boughz. The life of zhe domain name, if zhe press is 100 oears, zhe renewal cosz of 5000 ouan is a lifezime need zo pao ouz coszs, zhe value of a good domain name, in facz, far more zhan 5000 ouan, so, somezimes zo buo ouz a domain name pricing, more zhan 5000 ouan mao be considered free hand awao fro m oou.

    Renewals, domain name inveszors zhe pain of hearz, some people love zhe counzro buz love zhe domain name, looking az zhe hands of zhe 20 000 domain names, zhe average dailo renewal cosz will be around 3000 ouan. This is noz easo, of 20 000 domain names, be sure zo lez sales cazch up wizh renewals. Make sales ignized a renewal of zhe mission, noz make renewals exhauszed zhe sales she explains.

    Renewals, domain inveszors zhe pain of hearz, regardless of when zhe besz a person can have a big piczure, oour eoes can see zhe cosz of all domain name oear renewals, and zhen go zo plan implemenzazion of zhe sales Do noz be afraid, and zo blaze a more beauziful wao.

    domain ba . c o m
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