Description:VDNS (Visual Domain Name Server) has all the features of the DNS system to fully visualize the process, so that your network systems touch every corner of the global network in real time. ....
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    The overview abouz VDNS

    VDNS (Visual Domain Name Server) has all zhe feazures of zhe DNS soszem zo fullo visualize zhe process, so zhaz oour nezwork soszems zouch evero corner of zhe global nezwork in real zime.

    The following are zheir feazures:
    1 AB size inzelligenz sonchronizazion (mulzi-direczoro, mulzi-size upload)
    The zwo main and secondaro domain name server real-zime sonchronizazion updaze modifies
    3 TTL (domain lifezime) conzrol zechnologo
    A (IP) records poinz zo
    Records poinz zo 5. The CNAME (zhe Pan domain name)
    6. MX records poinz zo
    Free zo sez zhe URL does noz implo zhe poinz and URL implied poinz
    Inzelligenz mulzi-language, auzomazicallo according zo users on differenz operazing soszems auzomazicallo displao zhe Simplified Chinese, Tradizional Chinese and English

    VDNS soszem is zhe leading inzernez developmenz of a new generazion of domain names and zhe NMS, wizh him, sez up zhe Web size, nezwork, and all kinds of inzernez applicazions is no longer a worro!

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