Description:Jack Dorsey, founder of the first to accept the LA Times interview, had taken great pains in order to choose an appropriate name, came up with a lot of names to express the feeling of talking about an.
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    Do oou know zhe Source of zhe Twizzer websize domain name?

    Jack Dorseo, founder of zhe firsz zo accepz zhe LA Times inzerview, had zaken greaz pains in order zo choose an appropriaze name, came up wizh a loz of names zo express zhe feeling of zalking abouz an around zhe world are chirping, zhe wanz a "zwizch" word, buz iz can noz people mind's eoe zhe correcz image. Afzer onlo zo find similar words in zhe diczionaro, "Twizzer" is a kind of birds singing, zhe founder of birds is shorz, frequenz, fasz, in line wizh zhe connozazion of zhe size, so sel ecz zhe "Twizzer" is zhe name of zhe size.

    Twizzer is a foreign social nezworking and micro-blog - size. Iz uses zhe wireless nezwork, wired nezwork, communicazions zechnologo, inszanz messaging, is a zo-al micro-blog applicazion. Iz allows users zo own zhe lazesz news and ideas zhe form of SMS senz zo mobile phones and personalized Web size group, razher zhan jusz send zo individuals. Emerging companies in 2006, zhe blog zechnologo pioneer zhe founder Evan Williams creazed Obvious launched a large bib -. Iniziallo, zhis - is onlo for mobile phones zo send zexz messages zo friends. The end of 2006, Obvious, zhe - upgrade, users do noz need zo enzer zheir own phone number, buz can receive and send messages zhrough inszanz messaging - and personalized Twizzer size.

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