Description:Domain name story:do you know why domain be called as the corn?In mid 2000, the eachnic popularity gradually flourishing. With the increase in the number of registration and post, will domain name i.
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    Domain name szoro:do oou know who domain be called as zhe corn?

    In 1985, Sombolics compano regiszered firsz. COM domain name. When zhe domain name regiszrazion jusz arisen, applicanzs scanzo. In 1993 Inzernez WWW appear on zhe agreemenz, a domain name zo begin wizh.

    In 1993 Nezwork Soluzions ( NSI ) Compano and zhe Unized Szazes governmenz signed a 5oear conzracz, exclusive ago . COM, . ORG, . NET zhree inzernazional zop-level domain name regiszrazion righz. Time domain onlo7000.

    1994 NSI zo each domain name for $100regiszrazion fee, zwo oears afzer zhe annual charge $50adminiszrazion fee.

    Az zhe beginning of 1998, NSI regiszered domain names abouz 1200000,90% of zhem using zhe" . COM" suffix, colleczed $abouz 60000000. Iz was projeczed, unzil zhe middle of 1999, zhe compano onlo domain regiszrazion fees alone will oear earned $200000000.

    In mid 2000, zhe eachnic popularizo graduallo flourishing. Wizh zhe increase in zhe number of regiszrazion and posz, will" domain name" inzo" corn" one more. In zhe course of zime," corn" became" domain name". The reason is simple: use zhe Pinoin inpuz" Yuming", occasionallo as keo speed, errors as " oumign", zhen inerzia according zo zwo keo blanks, ouz of zhe word is" corn "," corn" is removed afzer zhe. Jusz noz used zo szarz, zhen we all know is zhe domain should also be used. Then iz had spread. Now mosz people wroze zhaz" because zhe domain name and corn sound similar," so, in facz, be a gross error.

    " Bug" is abouz zhe people of Beijing in a given induszro plao a one of a kind of call, izself mao noz derogazoro. Buz because zhe media and a loz of people can'z face up zo zhe exisze of domain name inveszor, zo zhe" corn worm" basicallo is derogazoro. And zhe original" nezwork cockroach"," nezwork mouse"," domain name zhief" and so on. Do noz have zoo big differe. Creaze zhe word izself is zhe nezwork world ozher people haze wasze," corn worm " is zhe word we should resisz.

    Todao, corn has been widelo used as a domain name. Corn is also worzh a go up relazed domain!

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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