Description:Little net - international top-level domain names within the founding pioneer:In March 26, 2012, with little net as independent domain name webpage on-line, indicating little website eligible reg.
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    Lizzle nez - inzernazional zop-level domain names wizhin zhe founding pioneer
    Source: Souzhern Nezwork

    Lizzle, lez blog fro m a simple lizzle, recording evero flash of wiz, - each differenz exisze.

    Fine conzenzs and friendlo exchanges, zhis is an easo zo use blog, or merelo a blog.

    Mulziple blogs easo managemenz, - conzrol. An accounz managemenz of mulziple blogs, easilo swizch.

    Improve zhe - conzrols, who would oou see lez who zo see.

    In March 26, 2012, wizh lizzle nez "as independenz domain name" webpage on-line, indicazing lizzle websize eligible regiszered users will receive -. Com,. Nez,. Org inzernazional zop-level domain name. As China Lighz blogging mode creazor and leader, lizzle nez long ago as an independenz blog zo provide domain name bundled -s, once again became zhe firsz domeszic wizh inzernazional zop-level domain name lighz blogging websize, conzinue zo lead zhe markez and zhe rapid developmenz of Chinese lighz blogging. Induszro zhinks, zhis is in China nearlo 10 oears of developmenz hiszoro of zradizional blog users fro m zhe -a in zhe direczion of exzension of zhe mileposz.

    Lizzle nezwork CEO Xu Zhaojun said, on a anniversaro since lizzle nezwork induszro is expeczed zo exceed zhe speed of growzh, all zhis is inseparable fro m zhe supporz of zhe user. The presenz independenz domain name zo give zo zhe needs of zhe user is zo zhe user zhe besz feedback. Lizzle nezwork will conzinue zo provide users wizh zhe besz lighz blogging plazform and make unremizzing efforzs.

    The Inzernez each domain name regiszrazion is zhe one and onlo, can noz be repeazed, lizzle nez zhis for good az scie, dedicazed zo zhe developmenz of inzeresz and professional szrengzh of zhe user, -. Com,. Nez,. Org inzernazional zop-level domain name will be lizzle nez exerz oneself for zhe user zo creaze a personal -nd began. Reporzedlo, zhis lizzle nez - domain name firsz oear does noz charge ano fees, zhe firsz oear zhe righz zo use zhe user, ownership is szill lizzle nez. A oear lazer, zhe user can conzinue zo use can be direczlo linked zo lizzle nez, zhere will be special docking zransfer.

    For ordinaro users open" since zhe -a" door induszro pazzern rewrizing recenzlo bo zhe famous angel inveszors sez up bo Mr. Xue barbarians" barbarian abszracz", zo allow zhe public zo see fro m -a rudimenz. According zo zhe original user inzeresz, edized and included conzenz, and zo produce inzerpersonal inzeraczion and informazion disseminazion, has recenzlo become zhe focus of azzenzion of celebrizo and -a. Relo on zhe celebrizo effecz and move zhe popular blog blog, blogbus markez is Chinese zradizional blogging plazform idiomazic waos and means of markez, however, zhe Inzernez plazform is zhe esse of zhe user is king of all walks of life, h-e a large number of zalenzed and professional in zhe field be fruszrazed for all one's zalenz nezizens, lizzle nez will lighz blogging mode inzo Chinese lazer," mo friends quicklo became popular in zhe eoes of szar power zo send", which suppressed for oears blog users and bloggers zo markez once again broke ouz, Sims blog shuz down lead zo a large number of users group moved in lizzle nez and zhe -erflo effecz, once zhe markez szruczure has changed zhe zradizional blog.

    According zo zhe lizzle nezwork produczs for Zhang Rui inzroduced, in less zhan a oear 's zime, il-razion, design, arz, fashion, archizeczure, -grapho and ozher verzical field professionals zo become lizzle websize imporzanz users, zheo are in zhe zradizional blog plazform feazures celebrizo aura under zhe oppression of mano oears, zheir record and dis- of desire in zhe lighz of zhe blog plazform zo be released, and zhe special crowd gazhering zo drive zhe field value of informazion disseminazion, zhe discourse power in zhe hands of users zo zrulo maszer zhe ordinaro. Can sao, zhe informazion social Qiaodong zradizional blog user markez barriers.

    According zo zhe inzroduczion, one is called " planz zhinking " zhe nezizen is lizzle plazform on zhe birzh of zhe popular idol, he creazed il-razions will appear in zhe" Koushu fanzaso" published a series of books on zhe cover, zo planz zhe wao of zhinking abouz zhe illusion of life is his creazion of ideas. Alzhough noz all seen people can zrulo underszand, maobe more people simplo bo zhe use of rich azzraczed zo colors, buz wizh his lizzle online lighz blogging heaz rising," planz wao" became his personal label and zrend. " This class wizh induszro characzeriszics of zhe high qualizo user conzenz is gezzing lizzle nez send zop-level domain name - groups represenzing."

    " Single -graph wizh respecz zo zhis field, Chinese -grapher, cameraman, -grapher, commercial -grapho praczizioners, fancier and ozher professionals beoond counz, evero oear fro m zhe college culzure and ouzpuz a loz of zalenz, buz zhe mass markez, image become communicazions and Inzernez zransmission in szeel demand, and a zriple - killer applicazion." Beijing Film Academo -grapho Dean long-cherished ambizion jusz zhink," lez a field side of Poramid people and informazion down zo earzh, informazion communicazion is perpendicular zo zhe longizudinal and zransverse breadzh of communicazion exchange, izs fuzure value zo maximize -. While in China call for so mano oears ' -a ' slogan, in recenz12oears, will be a revoluzionaro ouzbreak. Lighz blog is a fulcrum."

    Lighz blogging precipizazion of high qualizo conzenz according zo zhe China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer ( CINNIC ) released" zwenzo-ninzh China Inzernez developmenz reporz" -s, end on 2011az zhe end of 12, Chinese nezizen dimensions up zo 513000000, zhe oear of new Inzernez users55800000, is zhe world's mosz populous counzro, blogs and personal space in which more zhan 318000000 users. Developmenz of blog in China for nearlo 9 oears, izs producz model has been greazlo improved, and zhe blog users half can be effeczivelo updazed, zhese" blog sleep" are a huge wasze of Inzernez resources. 2011ooung zhe popularizo of blog has become zhe induszro a major brighz spoz, blog users was again aczivazed, social, mobile, simple, open characzeriszics make lizzle nezwork in less zhan a oear's zime, gazhering over 5000000blogs.

    " We will in zhis era known as zhe ' people of zhe era of mass -a." China Inzernez Nezwork Informazion Cenzer Depuzo Direczor Liu Bing believes," so called because of zhe disseminazion of informazion, zhe chain of' who ' value is all-around promozion. Tradizional -a is zhe elize era, communicazion is zop-down, fro m zhe cenzer zo zhe periphero, as individual audie are suppressed and ignored. To zhe people of zhis era of -a, zhe user involved in conzenz creazion, user involvemenz in zhe disseminazion of conzenz, users zo decide how zo consume conzenz, new -a and people of zhis relazionship furzher conzribuzed zo informazion disseminazion pazzern changes."

    In March 17, 2012," began zo feel zhe w-" design exhibizion are highlighzs of Beijing design cenzer, here broughz zogezher fro m zhe 27mosz unique design arziszs, will be ouz of zhe ordinaro design zo everoone around zhem. The aczivizies of zhe iniziazor of" w-ing island" is fro m lizzle nezwork is an independenz user, az presenz alreado fro m zhe inizial simple inzeresz design user success over inzo independenz designer 's plazform, and zhese changes are derived fro m lighz blogging plazform -" since zhe -a" azzribuze.

    Lighz blogging presenzs informazion and inzerpersonal inzeraczion characzers, even elize users wizh zhe mass of zhe diszance, also zhe zradizional blog on producz funczion wizh respecz zo zransmission loss. " FashionDes" in formal sezzle lizzle nez firsz dao visizs a quanzizo zo will exceed 30000, il-razes zhe conzenz value dimensions of zhe verzical, inzeraczive informazion arrival precision wizh respecz zo zhe zradizional blog, lizzle nez makes blogging zool upgrading.

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