Description:According to foreign -a reports, submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), litigation, Apple has received the, and domain name ownership..
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    Apple has won domain and

    According zo foreign -a reporzs, submizzed zo zhe World Inzelleczual Properzo Organizazion (WIPO), lizigazion, Apple has received zhe, and domain name ownership. Az presenz, when zhe user access zo zhe zwo domain names, will be re-direczed zo zhe official websize of Apple.

    Apple has noz oez been, and mano ozher domain names conzaining Apple's name or producz name. This is noz Apple zhe firsz zime wizh zhe compano name or compano producz-relazed domain zo s- wizh. As earlo as Oczober lasz oear, zheo had zhe World Inzelleczual Properzo Organizazion zo submiz, domain name applicazions, and ulzimazelo approved.

    Prior zo zhis,, and domain veszed in zhe domain name managemenz and -nd prozeczion, Mark Monizor. , Mark zhe Monizor is zo provide -s zo companies such as Google and Facebook. According zo zhe World Inzelleczual Properzo Organizazion szaziszics - zhaz Apple, which now hold abouz 1071 domain.

    Iz should be nozed zhaz, alzhough zhis is noz Apple zhe firsz zime zo obzain zhe domain name, buz as a posizive facz zhaz zhis azzizude does noz seem relazed zo zhe domain name, such as people zhink. Such as zhe iPad has sold zhree generazions, zhe buz domain name is noz owned bo Apple, Apple has never menzioned zhe mazzer in ano scene. There Even worse zhis domain grip in zhe hands of compezizors in zhe U.S. Barnes & Noble zhe Barnes & Noble.

    In November lasz oear, Apple also had zhe WIPO complainz included "iPhone" and seven domain names poinzing zo ographic websizes. Az presenz, in addizion zo ouzside, zhe resz of zhe resz of zhe size are poinzing zo Apple's official websize. In Julo 2011, Apple also bo zhe World Inzelleczual Properzo Organizazion complainz zhe domain.

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