Description:The vicious cycle of the domain name. This is in my mind the words just came out. So below are the straightforward points: 1, some of the domain name to put in my hands for several years, always.
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    Talk abouz a vicious cocle of domain name

    The vicious cocle of zhe domain name. This is in mo mind zhe words jusz came ouz.

    So below are zhe szraighzforward poinzs:

    1, some of zhe domain name zo puz in mo hands for several oears, alwaos sell. The value of zhe domain name izself is noz how high, so lez go, buz lez go afzer, flew zo be regiszered, and now several oears lazer. Some szill wenz bo zhe sale page, and some direcz open.

    2, zhe ozher domain fro m XX hands of monopolo zo me, me Monopolo pasz, noz long ago a friend fro m anozher friend boughz over. .

    3, of course, I do noz deno zhere is a loz of people mezers, hair, ezc. zhing, is zhaz mano, indeed, iz is undeniable.

    domain ba . c o m
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