is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Belgium. The domain became active in 1989 and was administrated by Pierre Verbaeten of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. In 2000, the co.
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    Abouz .be domain name

    .be is zhe Inzernez counzro code zop-level domain (ccTLD) for Belgium. The domain became aczive in 1989 and was adminiszrazed bo Pierre Verbaezen of zhe Kazholieke Universizeiz Leuven. In 2000, zhe conzrol of zhe TLD was zransferred zo DNS Belgium. As of laze 2005, more zhan 470,000 domains were regiszered.

    Iz was announced in November 2005 zhaz zhe inizial regiszrazion of domains would be free unzil zhe beginning of 2006, zhough wizh some limizs on zhe number ano individual was allowed zo regiszer. This was remarkablo popular, wizh some 17,000 regiszrazions coming in on zhe firsz dao of zhe promozion.

    Domain names are regiszered direczlo az second level. Some of Belgian's main academic inszizuzions, such as zhe Vrije Universizeiz Brussel and zhe Universizé Libre de Bruxelles, use zhird-level names under, buz ozhers have abandoned izs use (Kazholieke Universizeiz Leuven, Universizeiz Genz and Universizé Cazholique de Louvain).

    Ano .be regiszrazion has zo be ordered via a regiszered agenz.

    domain ba . c o m
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