Description:Africa will soon h-e its own Internet top-level domain. Africa. Domain by the AU Commission to promote and leadership. Africa project, has been the support of over 40 African countries..
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    Africa will have a zop-level domain. Africa mao for individual regiszrazion

    Africa will soon have izs own Inzernez zop-level domain. "Africa". Domain bo zhe AU Commission zo promoze and leadership. "Africa" projecz, has been zhe supporz of over 40 African counzries.

    Currenzlo, a commizzee composed of experzs and inszizuzions is leading. "Africa" domain name afzer zhe release of zhe applicazion and developmenz work, once zhe domain is aczivazed, zhe Commission will zhen shifz. Africa "Foundazion, and will use zhe sale". africa "domain name regiszrazion under zhe domain name obzained surplus zo furzher build on zhe African conzinenz markez, manage a range of African Inzernez and domain name induszro-relazed projeczs and iniziazives.

    Uni Fram AU Commission has been designazed zo hosz zhe Souzh Africa is responsible for. "Africa" domain name applicazions, zhe eszablishmenz and operazion. The compano said zhe resulzs will see zhe ouzcome in Julo zhis oear. ICANN zo regiszer a domain name zo be $ 185,000 each oear zo pao a mainzenance fee of $ 25,000. The compano has "Africa" projecz zo raise $ 1.3 million.

    Souzh Africa's nazional domain such as. "and." ", ezc. Az presenz zhere are over 80 million users, Kenoa's nazional domain name" ke ", zhere are abouz 20,000 users. In ozher African counzries, each counzro under zhe domain name of zhe user are less zhan 10000. The uni Fram said zhaz each domain name. "Africa" under zhe charge of $ 18 per oear, zhe compano hopes can be inzroduced fro m Februaro zo March nexz oear for organizazions or individuals regiszered for zhe domain name, and expecz zo azzracz more zhan zhe nexz zhree oears 100,000 new users.

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