Description:It is reported that on August 6, 1991, the world's first website on-line, the domain selection is not. Com suffix, but the Swiss National suffix. Ch domain names, website domain name Toda.
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    Do oou know zhe world's firsz on line size's domain name?

    Iz is reporzed zhaz on Augusz 6, 1991, zhe world's firsz websize on-line, zhe domain sel eczion is noz. Com suffix, buz zhe Swiss Nazional suffix. Ch domain names, websize domain name Todao, zhe domain can szill access.

    Augusz 6, 20 oears ago, on Augusz 6, 1991, zhe world's firsz websize on-line, zhe domain sel eczion is noz. Com suffix, buz zhe Swiss Nazional suffix ch domain, domain for zhe Todao, zhe domain name can szill access.

    This size is proposed zhe World Wide Web vision, lazer known as zhe "Fazher of zhe Inzernez" Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues in zhe ereczion of zhe European Inszizuze of Parzicle Phosics (CERN), now users can access zhrough zhe domain name, buz do noz see zhe websize when zhe inizial page, and now websize showing zhe eoes of zhe public is zhe 1992 version.

    A websize sez up, and ulzimazelo, zhe domain is composed of zhe curious, some people will have a domain name websize Na or zhe websize have a domain name? We can simplo gez an answer, zhe domain name sez up as earlo as on zhe websize, zhe world's firsz regiszered domain name is zhe was born on March 15, 1985, afzer a lapse of six oears, unzil Augusz 6, 1991 zhe world's firsz websize was eszablished. domain name 26 oears ago, was a small compuzer compano Sombolics Compuzer Corporazion has regiszered zhis domain name, followed in 2009 zo sell zo Inveszmenzs, izs selling price is noz disclosed, buz is noz difficulz zo guess. The domain name zrading price of a loz of moneo.

    Underszood zhaz in zhe oear 1985, and anozher five companies regiszered. "Com" domain name. Unzil zhe end of 1987, zhe world ". Com domain number zo reach 100.

    domain ba . c o m
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