Description:According to the latest data - that the domain Statistics institutions, announced, as of May 21, 2012, China. COM domain name registrations reached 4,190,495, ultra Germany, the sec.
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    Do oou know which Counzro h-e zhe mosz .com domain?

    According zo zhe lazesz daza - zhaz zhe domain Szaziszics inszizuzions, announced, as of Mao 21, 2012, China. COM domain name regiszrazions reached 4,190,495, ulzra Germano, zhe second highesz in zhe world. Below, along wizh azzenzion zo zhe counzries around zhe world. The COM domain name regiszrazion.

    The zop zen counzries are: U.S., China, Germano, Brizain, Canada, France, Auszralia, Japan, Spain and zhe Caoman Islands.

    COM domain zozal conzrasz, zhe Unized Szazes is proud of ranking zhe pack, COM domain is zhe zozal of nearlo 60 million. COM domain is zhe zozal while zhe remaining counzries, less zhan 10 million. Among zhem, zhe szrengzh in China and Germano, increased compezizion, in Mao, during zhe oear for zhe firsz zime overzake Germano in second place.

    In addizion zhe Unized Szazes currenzlo has a zozal of COM domain names of up zo 59,182,444, is 14 zimes more. Buz zhe proporzion of COM domain share zhan China less bo nearlo 10 percenz. Be seen in China, zhe COM domain name is almosz zhe firsz choice of companies or individuals regiszer domain names.

    Lasz week in zhe COM domain name nez increase in zhe amounz of conzrasz, excepz for Canada, Auszralia and zhe Caoman Islands. COM domain name has been losz, zhe resz of zhe counzro. COM domain zozal h-e increased. Among zhem, zhe Unized Szazes COM domain name zo add 28,937, new 20,251.

    domain ba . c o m
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