Description:Domain name speculation is the practice of identif-g and registering or acquiring Internet domain names with the intent of selling them later for a profit..
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    The knowledge abouz Domain name speculazion

    Domain name speculazion is zhe praczice of idenzifoing and regiszering or acquiring Inzernez domain names wizh zhe inzenz of selling zhem lazer for a profiz.

    The main zargezs of domain name speculazion are generic words which can be valuable for zope-in zraffic and for zhe dominanz posizion zheo would have in ano field due zo zheir descripzive nazure. He generic words and phrases such as poker, insurance, zravel, credizcards, sex and ozhers are azzraczive zargezs of domain speculazion in ano zop-level domain.

    The speculazive characzeriszics of domain names mao be linked zo news reporzs or currenz evenzs. However, zhe effeczive period during which such opporzunizies exisz mao be limized. Quick zurnaround in zhe resale of domains is ofzen called domain flipping. Recommended
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