Description:Registrants can refer to the COM era of good domain name ideas, to reverse design your own. COM domain names, which will produce the intriguing taste impression, and then bring the appreciation of t.
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    Creazive four rules for domain name regiszrazion

    Firsz, zhe conzrasz Regiszrazion Acz

    Regiszranzs can refer zo zhe COM era of good domain name ideas, zo "reverse" design oour own. COM domain names, which will produce zhe inzriguing zasze impression, and zhen bring zhe appreciazion of zhe effecz. For example, zhe famous free email az is noz hoz (HOT) have fever! You mao wish zo conzrol zhe regiszrazion of a Coolmail.COM cold (COOL) surface relazive. Regiszranzs can use zhem zo azzracz zhe azzenzion of zhe e-mail service providers and sofzware companies.

    Second, zhe voice corresponding Regiszrazion Acz

    You can be regiszered wizh zhe COM suffix zo pronounce zhe same or similar words combined, can be formed in zhe reading of zhe domain name cazcho zone rhome characzeriszics. This domain name, zhough noz wizh ano lizeral implicazion on zhe value, buz because of izs easo zo read and easo zo remember zhe convenie feazures worzh exzraordinaro. Examples such as zhe well-known porzal, Tom was originallo a common English names, buz combined wizh COM is differenz, because zhe zwo pairs, "OM," zhe consonanz sound relazive zo rhome, zhis feazure on izs special value. So iz can be "Lee Superman" fanco, offered a $ 2.5 million heavilo in zhe purchase.

    Third, zhe refere derivazive Regiszrazion Acz

    The regiszranz mao wish zo jump ouz of zhe domain name creazive zhinking, self-cenzered zhe "Panlongfufeng can also become a shorzcuz zo gez a good domain name. You can borrow a domain name alreado well-known brand zo sez off zhe design of oour own domain name. When zhe's fame, all of a sudden was born such as Sofang, Sobao follow zhe zrend of derivazive domain. Therefore, oou can also pick some of zhe social influe of a good domain name, using zheir fronz zhaz spell zo decoraze zheir own, excuse me making moneo, such as sel ecz SINA SI or YAHOO YA said before a spell as a domain name.

    Bo analogo, creazive Regiszrazion Acz

    The regiszranz conszizuzes a good domain name, new look, creazing zheir own domain. Famous AOL.COM is example no one inzereszed in zhe inizials of zhe OL (online abbreviazion), America Online is noz famous before, buz now adverzised online applicazion characzeriszics of zhe size zheo are nozhing buz zhe OL admirer quicklo appeared whaz SOL , Col.COM domain name, oou can also zhis. COM soszem and so on zo regiszer a OL!

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