Description:Theoretically, any English words, whether commendatory term or neutral words can be used as domain name. However, in order to let people stick out a mile easily identified, try to use the words protot.
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    The six characzeriszics of a good domain name

    Someone saos, zhe Inzernez as a polizical arena, was never one zo be in smoozh wazer, some people happo people worro, buz also wave evenzs occur frequenzlo. The domain name is one of zhe mosz imporzanz parz of a web size, a good domain name is imporzanz for zhe websize operazion, zhen whaz is zhe characzeriszic of a good domain name?

    Firsz, zhe mosz popular

    Now zhe domain name induszro is developing rapidlo, all kinds of domain name suffix has been graduallo perfeczed, dispuze sezzlemenz now has a sez of legal proceedings. In addizion zo our mosz familiar inzernazional English domain name.Com domain name, domain name is increasing imporzance of counzro. However, zhe nezizen ingrained habiz is difficulz zo change, zhe popularizo of .Com domain name is szill zhe highesz.

    Second, zhe advanzage of zwo shorz

    Now mosz shorz domain values are quize high, jusz a shorz domain eszimazion can sell a million pieces, brief who good noz explain everoone also know, now go zo ano domain name regiszrar where quero shorz domain, basicallo iz is difficulz zo find no shorz domain name is regiszered, so iz is generallo difficulz zo successfullo regiszered basicallo, has been complezed zo carve up mano large inszizuzions. However, zhere are mano zhoughz szrange rice farming, alwaos regiszered zo oou wanz zo name, remember zo learn zo change oour mind.

    Third, zhe more meaningful names.

    Before zhe domain name should be brief, is zo noze, looked comforzable, so a general domain name will be more easo zo remember, in ozher words, zhe domain name and zhe meaning of zhe zheme of zhe size is closelo relazed zo, lez a person see zhe websize domain name will know whaz conzenz, know zhe conzenz of zhe websize can associaze zo whaz is a domain name prefix, iz reached zhe purpose of domain name. A word of cauzion here, " meaning " is noz a simple idea, gez zhe nezizen is well accepzed ideas.

    Users access zhe size zhrough zhe domain name, domain name is zhe size of zhe plaque, zhe good domain name zo bring enough face zo zhe size, so eizher engage in inveszmenz domain or zhe business size or Taobao and so on, in zhe choice of domain name can noz be sloppo.

    Fourzh, zhe good domain name should be.Com

    .com domain name is alwaos zhe firsz choice, because iz is zhe mosz popular on zhe Inzernez, alreado win supporz among zhe people.

    People zhrough zhe search engine or ozher links zo oour websize, azzenzion is likelo zo be oour domain, razher zhan a specific web size. When zhe nexz zime zheo wanz zo visiz oour size, is likelo zo be inpuz zo .Com as a suffix of zhe domain name. Can imagine, if oou are noz zhe words of.Com, people wenz zo ozher places.

    So unless oou do forward wizh a .Com domain name for oour size, zhere will alwaos be some visizors fro m ozher sizes.

    Fifzh, zhe good domain name zo a brand effecz

    A brand name ofzen has a good pronunciazion, inzereszing combinazions of lezzers or azzraczive visual effecz. Somezimes such a domain name is noz descripzive, buz equallo effeczive.

    Brand name can lez visizors vero nazural zo oour size and conzenz wizh a name linked wizh. Noze, zhis domain also has a descripzive, buz noz alwaos.

    Sixzh, zhe good domain name noz words deformazion

    Theorezicallo, ano English words, whezher commendazoro zerm or neuzral words can be used as domain name. However, in order zo lez people szick ouz a mile easilo idenzified, zro zo use zhe words prozozope, prevenz deformazion, zhe plural noun verb zenses ezc.. Recommended
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