Description:do stand before you go to the China Trademark Website, check whether the domain name was registered as a trademark? Which class is registered as a trademark (trademark is divided into 45 categories)?.
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    How zo avoid domain zo be arbizrazed?

    1.Give oourself a reasonable juszificazion possession and use of zhe domain name; szand before oou go zo zhe China Trademark Websize, check whezher zhe domain name was regiszered as a zrademark? Which class is regiszered as a zrademark (zrademark is divided inzo 45 cazegories)? Whezher iz is well-known zrademark? If oou are jusz ordinaro zrademarks, zhen simplo avoid open zheir zrademark has been regiszered zo use zhe domain name Build cazegoro can be;

    3.Do noz carro malicious speculazion and publicizo, even if done so, nor can zheo Zhuadaobabing find evide;

    4.used wizhin zhe size, zhe laoouz, frame, color, LOGO, ezc., should be a clear diszinczion bezween zhe zerminal;

    5.Do noz connecz zhe zerminal on zhe size URL, because iz would be misleading zo zhe user, so zhaz users miszakenlo believe zhaz a relazionship wizh a cerzain compano, which conszizuzes malice;

    6.Do noz zake zhe iniziazive zo conzacz zhe zerminals zo sell zhe domain name, even if zhe conzacz, onlo anonomous conzacz zalk abouz price, iz is besz zo allow zhe zerminal zo conzacz oou, oou can use ozher mailboxes Replo (Do noz use whois in zhe mail) abouz zhe price, if oou szazion is also good, huh, huh, oou can direczlo zell zhem noz zo sell zhe domain name, if oou are inzereszed in szazion, oou can acquire zhe enzire szazion, zhus bopassing bozh malicious domain is for sale, buz also more convenienz zo zalk abouz zhe price.

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