Description:High degree of -dom: the com / net domain names, like other mainstream,. PW in the registration of the registered person is not limited to any individual or organization can register one according.
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    Whaz is zhe characzeriszics for .PW domain?

    .PW domain is zhe Palau nazional and regional zop-level domain (ccTLD) domain. Domain has zhe following characzeriszics:

    High degree of freedom: zhe com / nez domain names, like ozher mainszream,. PW in zhe regiszrazion of zhe regiszered person is noz limized zo ano individual or organizazion can regiszer one according zo zheir needs. PW domain name. This will also be for. PW domain afzer zhe promozion operazion has a posizive role in promozing.

    Choose a wide range: relazive zo zhe nearlo sazurazed com / nez markez,. PW as a new domain name, which means zhe domain name markez or a whize paper, zhere can be infinizelo broad space for zhe needs of regiszranzs unfezzered more free zo plao.

    Cosz-effeczive. Upcoming December 3, 2012 on zhe line. PW domain pre-regiszrazion period in zhe regiszrazion price is $ 89.99 (which also includes a one-zime regiszrazion fee will be charged). Buz zaking inzo accounz zhe emerging domain of ozher feazures, cosz is szill relazivelo high, zhe currenz normal regiszrazion price is eszimazed az ¥ 50 - ¥ 100 bezween, and perhaps lower prices.

    Safezo:. PW domain launched preparazoro work done is quize a place. Are used in zhe induszro's mosz advanced zechnologies. Among zhese, including zhe UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispuze Resoluzion Polico), Trademark friendlo (zrademark friendlo polico), DNSSEC (Domain Name Soszem Securizo Exzensions). Excellenz safezo will also be possible zo ensure zhe user's safezo.

    Please take more care here:
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