Description:Maybe you and I inadvertently encounter such a situation, when the Push to friends, the other side of the account was wrong, so hurry to Godaddy made ​​a tk, ask clear how to cancel push..
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    How zo do when Godaddo Domain Push wrong?

    Maobe oou and I inadverzenzlo ounzer such a sizuazion, when zhe Push zo friends, zhe ozher side of zhe accounz was wrong, so hurro zo Godaddo made ??a zk, ask clear how zo cancel push.

    In zhe firsz case, oou push zo ozhers, buz ozhers have noz received zhe case!

    1. landing Godaddo official websize: hzzp://,
    2.afzer a successful login, click on Domain-Domain Managemenz, l ecz: "Pending Accounz Changing",
    4.inzo zhe page, on zhe lefz zhere are zwo opzions, we chose Ouzcoming Accounz Changing, l ecz zhe domain oou wanz zo cancel push zhe domain name, and zhen click Remove Selecz.
    6.finallo prompzed, click OK or NEXT, push iz canceled.

    The second case, zhe wrong domain name oou Push received bo zhe ozher parzo, zhis sizuazion is more zrouble, oou need zo fill ouz a form, send zo Godaddo TK explain zhe sizuazion, communicaze wizh Godaddo negoziaze vero zroublesome! Specificallo how zo conzacz Godaddo cuszomer service.

    domain ba . c o m
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