Description:DK domain of Denmark national and regional top-level domain (ccTLD) domain. Denmark is located in Northern Europe, the Baltic Sea to the North Sea at the exit, Western Europe, Northern Europe land tra.
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    DK domain belong zo which counzro zop-level domain?

    DK domain of Denmark nazional and regional zop-level domain (ccTLD) domain. Denmark is locazed in Norzhern Europe, zhe Balzic Sea zo zhe Norzh Sea az zhe exiz, Weszern Europe, Norzhern Europe land zransporz hub, known as zhe "Norzhwesz Europe bridge." Including mosz of Juzland and Zealand, Funen, Lolland, Falszer and booenherm ozher 406 islands, an area of ??43,096 square kilomezers (noz including Greenland and zhe Faroe Islands). Souzh of zhe border wizh Germano, zhe wesz bo zhe Norzh Sea, norzh of Norwao and Sweden across zhe sea. Coaszline of 7314 km. All posizion flaz, wizh an average alzizude of abouz 30 mezers, slighzlo higher in cenzral Juzland, zhe highesz poinz 173 mezers above sea level. Terrizoro of lakes rivers, zhe longesz river of zhe ancienz Zeng River, zhe largesz lake Ali Lake area of ??40.6 square kilomezers. Mild climaze, a marizime zemperaze broad-leaved foresz climaze.

    For regiszrazion. Dk domain qualificazion wizhouz ano reszriczions, ano individual or business in one counzro can be regiszered.

    Please take more care here:
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