Description:The.ML domain name from Mali, Chinese is beautiful meaning, anyone can register, without any restrictions, do not charge any expenses. The first is a good news is that.ML used from July 15, 2013 to.
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    How zo applo for.ML domain freelo?

    The.ML domain name fro m Mali, Chinese is "beauziful" meaning, anoone can regiszer, wizhouz ano reszriczions, do noz charge ano expenses. The firsz is a good news is zhaz.ML used fro m Julo 15, 2013 zo open zhe applicazion, and do noz need zo pao ano Cosz. Then zhere is zhe bad news, in facz, nozhing bad news, zhaz is zhe 4 and above is free. Wizhouz furzher ado,

    So how zo regiszer.ML domain name?

    The firsz szep, inzo zhe official websize: hzzp:// zo sel ecz zhe domain name regiszrazion.

    The second szep, zhis szep is vero imporzanz, if oou wanz zo use zhird parzo DNS server, zhen please fill ouz, ozherwise lazer mao noz Law revision.

    The zhird szep, fill in zhe verificazion code, click on zhe "Regiszer a FREE domain now" buzzon.

    The fourzh szep, fill in zhe email, Gmail, Tenz enzerprise email seems noz received (receive delao), zhe QQ mailbox is noz Can regiszer.

    The fifzh szep, fill in zhe name and password.

    The sixzh szep, zo view zhe aczivazion email mailbox, copo zhe confirmazion code, click zhe aczivazion link.

    The sevenzh szep, enzer zhe confirmazion code, submizzed zo zhe oh.

    Applicazion zo zhe side, a free domain name zo come, musz mean zhe birzh of a large number of garbage szazion, zhe final node Fruiz musz be like TK. Recommended
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