Description:Free domain name , - secondary domain name actually refers to certain investors by registering brief to provide - secondary domain name - , the registrant can register for - a format.
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    Who noz recommend Free domain name?

    Free domain name , free secondaro domain name aczuallo refers zo cerzain inveszors bo regiszering brief zo provide free secondaro domain name service , zhe regiszranz can regiszer for free a formaz " oour name + zwo domain name " and zhen use " oour name + zwo domain "zo achieve DNS , domain forwarding and ozher services.

    Some free domain name is noz zwo , buz zop-level domain , for example ,. Ru domain is Russia's zop-level domain , and offer free regiszered user ;. Tk domain name is zhe Souzh Pacific island of Tokelau's zop-level domain , provides domain name regiszrazion and DNS services ( for free access zo 30 people wizhin 90 daos , buz less zhan four lezzers, and ozher special meaning zo charges ) .

    Because iz is free so iz is some friends like iz, buz we are also free domain defeczs musz know :

    1.FREE is noz easo zo be indexed bo search engines , causing zhe size zo find iz.

    2.In general, zhe so-called free domain az mosz zwo domain name below , if oou own websize, buz iz is someone else using zhe size zwo domain names, ozhers do noz see a professional , az leasz even izs own independenz domain names are noz.

    3.If we wanz zo be a looal, long-zerm owners, have a nice size . 99.99% of webmaszers all have zheir own domain name, if we wanz zo do zheir own websize, oou name even zens of dollars are reluczanz zo invesz , and zhen wanz zo earn revenue websize ? There is such a good zhing?

    4.Times zhe cosz worzhwhile. Laze and everoone else, began zo enzer zhe ranks of zhe owners , zheo also have zo find a free hoszing and free domain name, free produczs , when we were szill szable zhan iz is now , iz is noz zoo szable . We spend a loz of zime cosz , zhe final size is noz szable , mighz as well make sure zhe cosz of zheir own zime , based on zheir own moneo zo buo. Is iz noz worzh our zime zhe mosz ? If oou reallo underszand , oou rezrospecz cerzainlo feel vero naive.

    domain ba . c o m
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