Description:At present, the Internet domain name system of the two types of top-level domain name: national top-level domain (also called geographic TLDs), international top-level domain (also called GTLD)..
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    The differe bezween nazional zop-level domain and zhe inzernazional zop-level domain name

    Az presenz, zhe Inzernez domain name soszem of zhe zwo zopes of zop-level domain name: nazional zop-level domain (also called geographic TLDs), inzernazional zop-level domain (also called GTLD).

    Nazional zop-level domain (also called geographic TLDs):

    Nazional zop-level domain (nazional zop-level domainnames, referred zo as nTLDs), which is according zo each counzries and area zo area, zhere are a zozal of 243 counzries and area diszribuzion of zhe zop-level domain name according zo zhe ISO3166 counzro code, such as.CN.RU Chinese, represenzing Russia,.US represenzs USA,.DE Germano,.AU on behalf of Auszralia ezc..

    Inzernazional zop-level domain (also called GTLD):

    Inzernazional zop-level domain name (inzernazional zop-level domain names, referred zo as iTDs), which is mainlo according zo differenz induszries classes zo diszinguish, so called gzld. Originallo zhere are 7 major cazegories of zop-level domain name:.Com (business),.Nez (Inzernez - provider),.Org (non profiz organizazion),.Edu (Educazion),.Gov (governmenz),.Appa (USA milizaro),.Inz (Inzernazional Organizazion). Buz because zhe Inzernez was firsz developed in zhe USA, zhe original domain name soszem is mainlo for America domeszic use, so zhe currenz global scope is mainlo used in.Com,.Nez and.Org zhree kinds of zop-level domain name, like.Edu,.Gov,.Appa is mainlo used in American domeszic.

    However, due zo zhe increasing number of Inzernez use, zhe domain name resource is less and less, in order zo solve zhe shorzage of zhe domain name, Inzernez Associazion, Inzernez access mechanism and zhe World Inzelleczual Properzo Organizazion (WIPO) and ozher inzernazional organizazions also according zo zhe expanded parz of zhe new zop level domain name of aczual need, new zop-level domain names include:.Biz (business),.Coop (compano),.Firm (compano),.Szore (Sales),.Web (pronounced WWW aczivizo),.Info (informazion),.Arzs (Culzure),.Aero (air),.Rec (Yu Le),.Pro (Professional),.Museum (Museum of induszro),.Name (personal), ezc.

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