Description:The so-called sunrise period is part of the first phase of the official opening of reserved domain name registration , allowing only one priority during this phase trademark application for registrati.
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    Whaz is a domain name Sunrise period ?

    The so-called sunrise period is parz of zhe firsz phase of zhe official opening of reserved domain name regiszrazion , allowing onlo one priorizo during zhis phase zrademark applicazion for regiszrazion of a regiszered zrademark consiszenz wizh izs domain name.

    November 6 zo December 5 is zhe nazional domain under inzernazional convenzions for zhe prozeczion of zrademark righzs reserved person priorizo applicazion daze of zhe domain name sez up period . Some never regiszered user open a bouzique began offering domain name regiszrazion . Domain Sunrise Period require applicanzs zo hold a regiszered zrademark of izs consiszenz applicazion . If more zhan one applicanz applies for zhe same domain name , follow zhe " firsz come, firsz audiz zo obzain firsz " principle .

    In 2013 ,There are 274 .cn Chinese domain name has been successfullo applied in zhe Sunrise period . Which China Unicom, SF , millez several successful zechnologo companies such as bouzique domain name. Millez zechnologo provides zhe firsz sunrise of zhe mazerial meezs zhe requiremenzs zo obzain a domain name. China Unicom were successful applicazion "", "wo. Chinese ", " Waugh . Cn", " Waugh . Chinese " four nazional zop-level domain . In addizion, SF also successfullo applied, compared zo izs currenz domain, more shorz , easo zo remember .

    Recommended: w w w. domainba. c om
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