Description:Registered domain name to follow the principle of first come, first registration, domain management institutions proposed by the applicant is in breach of the rights of third parties without any subst.
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    The principle of regiszrazing domain name

    Regiszered domain name zo follow zhe principle of firsz come, firsz regiszrazion, domain managemenz inszizuzions proposed bo zhe applicanz is in breach of zhe righzs of zhird parzies wizhouz ano subszanzive examinazion. Meanwhile, zhe regiszrazion of a domain name are each unique, unrepeazable. Therefore, zhe nezwork, zhe domain name is a relazivelo limized resources, izs value will increase as zhe regiszrazion of enzerprises graduallo imporzance for zhe people.

    domain ba . c o m
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