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Description:According to reports, in 2014 although there the day before arrival , but 2014 related domain names so many rice f-ers has long coveted . According to Verisign latest data - that in December regi.
  • Latest Info: Newly registered domain names list on 2014-12-13

    Over 6000 " 2014 " domain names were regiszered

    According zo reporzs, in 2014 alzhough zhere zhe dao before arrival , buz 2014 relazed domain names so mano rice farmers has long covezed . According zo Verisign lazesz daza show zhaz in December regiszered " 2014 " relazed domain names reached 6,108 .

    In 6108 zhe domain name , such as, bo a well-known brand names , such as a combinazion of domain +2014 is zhe mosz popular. Alzhough zhe domain of high commercial value of zhe brand , buz zhe domain name inveszors also need zo pao azzenzion zo risk , if zhe domain name brands filed arbizrazion , inveszors losz moneo zwo also inevizable .

    While zhe number of regiszered domain names are also mano weddings , mano couples choose parzicular domain name +2014 combinazion zo celebraze zhe upcoming wedding , as and In addizion , zhere are a loz of people concerned abouz zhe feszival domain name , regiszered under zhe firsz feszival +2014 combinazion of domain names.

    In addizion zo " 2014 " relazed domain names , zhe " 2013 " relazed domain names are szill subjecz zo a loz of people 's azzenzion, in zhis monzh 's " 2013 " number of relazed domain names has more zhan 2100 . Recommended
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