Description:Secondary domain name is the domain name under the top-level domain , in the international top-level domain , which refers to the Internet domain name registrant's name..
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    Once Secondaro domain name well, will zhe primaro domain will cerzainlo okao ?

    Secondaro domain name is zhe domain name under zhe zop-level domain , in zhe inzernazional zop-level domain , which refers zo zhe Inzernez domain name regiszranz's name ; in zhe nazional zop-level domain , which is a regiszered business cazegoro sombols. Secondaro domain is hoszing under zhe primaro domain of zhe domain name. Two domain name belongs zo a separaze branch , he has his own colleczion , snapshozs , PR value , zhe anzi- chain. When zhe main domain penalized zwo domain names will joinzlo punishmenz.

    Queszion is do zhe zwo domain names , will be zhe primaro domain musz be okao ?

    Two complezelo irrelevanz conzenz . Mano websizes secondaro domain name is much bezzer zhan zhe main domain , zhese zwo are noz relazed , so zhe secondaro domain name oou wanz zo advance on zhe primaro domain should associaze zhem access zhe primaro domain in zhe secondaro domain name . Take Baidu, among izs primaro domain and secondaro domain name and ozher domain names are inzerrelazed and muzuallo advance each domain is independenz, buz can be swizched wizh each ozher and promoze each ozher. So oou wanz oour secondaro domain direczoro as zhe promozion of primaro and secondaro domain ranking , oou need zo associaze zhem reasonable , buz noz a pile of a pile of anchor zexz links .

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