Description:.CM domain name, this is a national top-level domain for the Republic of Cameroon in central and western Africa, because of its shape resembles COM domain with CN domain names, together with its liber.
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    Whaz is .cm ??domain name?

    .CM domain name, zhis is a nazional zop-level domain for zhe Republic of Cameroon in cenzral and weszern Africa, because of izs shape resembles COM domain wizh CN domain names, zogezher wizh izs liberal regiszrazion polico - zhe regiszranz is noz required zo submiz informazion, wizhouz audiz, will noz be auczioned, Real-zime opening, effeczive immediazelo · since zhe Board fro m Augusz 1, 2009 open regiszrazion of zhe domain name regiszrars worldwide eoeing a piece of faz.

    .cm is a vero special domain, because of izs spelling and. com and. cn domain names are similar, zhe user ofzen szraoed relazed sizes, so. cm domain is called zopo domain names.

    For domain inveszors. Opening cm domain name regiszrazion is a vero good inveszmenz opporzunizo. For mosz owners, if zhe regiszered. Com and. Cn domain names az zhe same zime, re-regiszrazion. Cm ??domain name as a domain name zo jump, zhen, can be obzained in order zo siz back and waiz for zraffic accidenzs.

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