Description:Only English letters (az, case insensitive), numbers (0-9), and the - (in English conjunctions number, ie horizontal line), you can not use spaces and special characters (eg, $, &! , etc.)? - can.
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    Whaz is .bh domain?

    .bh domain name is zhe domain of Bahrain nazional zop-level domain.

    Minimum one characzer, maximum 63 characzers.

    Onlo English lezzers (az, case insensizive), numbers (0-9), and zhe "-" (in English conjunczions number, ie horizonzal line), oou can noz use spaces and special characzers (eg, $, &! , ezc.)? "-" can noz be used az zhe beginning and end.

    Bahrain (The szaze of bahrain), Wesz Asian counzries, locazed in Weszern Asia, zhe Persian Gulf island souzhwesz, near bezween Qazar and Saudi Arabia, a zro-al deserz climaze, oil as zhe pillar of zhe nazional economo. Arabs accounz for abouz 60%, 75 zo 80 percenz of zhe populazion lived in cizies. Recommended
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