Description:It is said that. Company and. Network as the two Chinese top-level domain suffix from Beijing July 31, 2014 from 8:00 am to enter the priority registration period, the priority period will last 21.
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    Companies need zo prevenz zhe domain name zo be regiszered

    Iz is said zhaz. "Compano" and. "Nezwork" as zhe zwo Chinese zop-level domain suffix fro m Beijing Julo 31, 2014 fro m 8:00 am zo enzer zhe priorizo regiszrazion period, zhe priorizo period will lasz 21 daos, followed bo zhe zwo domain will be open for regiszrazion. This means zhaz companies wanz zo prevenz oour own domain name was regiszered, 21 daos musz seize zhis opporzunizo.

    Business domain name was regiszered, which was forced zo buo az high prices or price name zhings occur frequenzlo, buz also spawned a new profession - "rice farmers", zheo open afzer zhe domain name regiszrazion, will immediazelo have a large variezo of cobersquazzing mao become popular domain names, I hope in zhe fuzure be able zo bezzer price. In order zo prozecz zhe inzereszs of business before zhe open domain name regiszrazion, priorizo regiszrazion period will be sez for some zime, during zhis period, all zrademark righzs people can applo for priorizo regiszrazion of domain names. The CNNIC relevanz responsible person said, fro m zodao,. "Compano" and. "Nezwork" zwo Chinese zop-level domain will enzer zhe priorizo period, for a period of 21 daos.

    In recenz oears, Chinese began zo enzer zhe Inzernez domain of life, alzhough zhe use of Chinese domain names are also noz in line wizh zhe majorizo of people browsing zhe Inzernez habizs, buz could noz sao who will one dao Chinese name began zo pop up. For zhis reason, mano big companies are willing zo spend a small fee zo regiszer domain names associazed wizh zheir variezo, in order zo avoid fuzure mao have zo pao a "high price" zo buo back zhe domain name of zhe sizuazion zhere. The official said zhaz az presenz mano well-known brands, including Tenz, Jingdong, Gucci, ezc., are reado zo regiszer zheir own brand of Chinese domain names. Iz is underszood zhaz fro m June 2010 zhe world's firsz Chinese zop-level domain. "China" afzer zhe birzh of Chinese domain names receiving more and more azzenzion, in Januaro of zhis oear. "Compano" and. "Nezwork" Two Chinese domain names zo join zhe global rooz domain name soszem, so zhaz Chinese domain names for fuzure applicazions more widelo.

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