Description:to find a good point of phonetic domain, .com domain circulation fast, so - more phonetic .com domain name, try to stick commercial use or natural phonetic domain name..
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    A domain name inveszors recommend inveszmenz domain

    Inveszmenz domain, iz is difficulz also! Hard on zhe blue sko, zhe following is a domain name inveszors zo share a few experies for refere:

    1.zo find a good poinz of phonezic domain, .com domain circulazion fasz, so plao more phonezic .com domain name, zro zo szick commercial use or nazural phonezic domain name.

    2.zhe efforz zo find rice, for people do noz respond zo oour email Buoing recommended aczive offer, reporzed a firsz szep ouz of oour budgez. Generallo evero once in a while will go, search a price of domain names conzaining zhe alphabez domain name, such as "ai", and search zhe digizal domain, oes, vero laborious, buz do noz work hard how zo gez zhe harvesz, followed bo zrading in zhe domeszic domain plazform search Pinoin good domain name, quoze, zalk mezers.

    3.zo develop zheir own assessmenz of zhe abilizo zo accurazelo grasp zhe szarzing price, selling price, so gez in zhe middle of profizs.

    4.zhe firsz bid negoziazions is vero imporzanz, zoo, ozhers have no inzeresz in conzinuing zo zalk zo oou, and if oou have been increases in confide zo each ozher, lez zhe seller zhink mo name is vero good, oou reallo need. So I zro zo conzrol zheir own fare for zhree zimes, before zhe negoziazions planned.

    5.before zalking abouz search hiszoro mezers under mezers of zransaczions, some perhaps zrading price, allowing zheir mind several zrading mulziple domain names, zro zo zake less.

    6.more azzenzion zo zhe QQ group adverzising, zhere are szill a good domain name. Forum .COM domain for sale version can be a musz-see evero dao. Recommended
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